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Cures for Ringworm

Posted by Veronica

Do you have any cures for ringworm? we live in an old townhome, i feel it has mold or something that keeps it occuring. my kids and i keep getting them. my hus and does not. yes, we keep a clean house i use bleach constantly on the shower heads.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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To treat ringworm, apply to area infected using vinegar for a 15 minutes, rinse, and put on tea tree oil plus lavender oil and leave it overnight. Rinse in the morning. Keep applying for at least a month and this should go away. If it still doesn't work, try applying borax, or preferably sodium perborate mixed with glycerin to the area affected (10% borax/sodium perborate).

Replied by Buggsnomore
Rathdrum, Idaho

For intense ringworm itching I found that Spilanthes USNEA compound stops itch within 5 to 10 seconds. It's a tinture that you can get at a natural health store. A 1oz bottle costs $9.95 It can be applied as needed: also can be taken internally. This info is from the Therapeutic Herb Manual by Ed Smith : a guide to safe and effective use of liquid herbal extracts, cost $3.95 the health store should have this manual.

Replied by Patrmac04
Boston, MA

Neem is a tree in India. The different parts of the tree are used for different medicinal puposes. The most effective part of the tree for fungal infections of the skin is the leaf.

There are a few ways that the leaf can be used to help the fungal infection, but for this application I will only give one way. Simply take a bath in water that has neem leaf tea in it. So simple, but works so much better than any other method.

To make the tea, I make a very very strong tea from 1/8 cup dried ground neem leaves. I make it by just using filtered water in a pan and letting the pan come to a boil and I just shut off the heat once it boils. I let it sit for ten minutes or so then add to the tub. I have also had success by just adding the dried neem leaf powder to my bath water as it is filling by adding 1/4 cup of dried ground neem leaves. I like to let it sit in hot bath water for at least twenty minutes before taking a bath.

I live in the United States, so I don't have access to fresh leaves. This is why I buy dried ground leaves online by the pound. One pound will usually last me about ten to twenty baths depending the method used. I give the dried neem leaf powder a shelf life of three months before it doesn't seem to work as well and you have to buy more.

Take a bath in this water daily until the problem subsides. Take a bath in this water one time per week to keep the problem away once it is cleared up.

If you have neem trees local or can buy the fresh leaves local, then just adding a handful of them to your bath water or make a tea out of the leaves and adding to bath water will do the same thing.

This will get rid of virtually all skin disorders naturally and gradually. Since neem is an anti bacterial, anti parasitic, antiseptic, anti fungal, anti protozoal, anti viral and as a non toxic pesticide... I really mean that neem can be used for virtually any skin problem to help with anything from herpies to scabies to athletes foot, ringworm and jock itch.

The problem as most might know by now with ringworm and any fungal skin infection is that it is very easy to get reinfected. What this method provides is a way to cover your entire body to rid the total skin of the problem, even in areas that you did not know had any problems. It also is great for problem areas that are not easy to reach such as your back or where you can not see like the back of your head.

In order to keep your clothes from reinfecting you once you clear up, get in the habbit of adding a cup to two cups of cheap white vinegar in with your clothes when washing.