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Ring Worm on Right Cheek

Posted by i hate ringworm (ft.lauderdale, usa) on 10/12/2007

Hello, I saw some of your comments on earthclinic I do apologize for bugging you. My problem is this. I have a ringworm on my right cheek. It was the size of a quarter now it's spreading. First , I tried the tree tea oil and acv and it did do some good. It peeled' off nicely. Then I went and had sushi and steam fish all in one week and a couple of days later the ring worm came back with a vengence !!! It scabbed up and oozed badly. The old ring is dark red, however the new ring is beginning to form. I'm using undecylenic acid 10% for about a day now. It's still red and itchy at times. I'm so concern that it might spread to my eyes. Do you have any advice ? I want to do body cleanse. I read a comment from someone on this forum , he's trying the Allimax and Walnut wormwood complex but he hasn't post any comment since, weather it's helping him out or not.I know you are very busy but please , please help me out. I graduated a couple of months ago and I'm just beginning to work. I went to a dermatologist about a month ago,before I tried the tea tree oil and he told me that it was just a "skin irritation". Any advice,remedies would be much appreciated. Please be very detail about describing remedies. I know you posted some already under ringworm section, but in my case, what would kill it the quickest ?? It's getting too close to my right eye!!!!!!! Thank you so much

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A ringworm is a fungus. Recently the best remedy for facial area that have worked with me, topically, is the 1-3% H2O2 peroxide solution. In most situations a 1% H2O2 application works quite well, however, it appears the frequency of application is critical, which had to be reapplied, at least initially for every 30 minutes, with a minimum of 5 applications. A 1% is the H2O2 concentration I used, which can be diluted from the 3% H2O2 used in drug stores. So, assuming I want to prepare a large batch of the preparations, this means one small cup of 3% H2O2, plus 2 small cups of water, should about be equal to 1%. The solution is then applied to the skin, with frequency, using cotton balls.

If the above solution is too weak, another simple solution is the application of 1 part of 1% H2O2, plus 1 part of pure distilled vinegar. This is then applied to the skin for about every 30 minutes interval, for 5 times. Thereafter, the application is applied, whether it's H2O2 alone or H2O2 mixed with distilled vinegar, every 3 hours. Once it gets better the intervals between application increases perhaps to about 4-6 times per day.

I have found the H2O2 to work better, while tea tree may be too much of a skin irritant in the face area. Hence a H2O2 is more likely a more skin friendly solution.

It should be noted that too frequent application may cause skin drying, but that's the reason why tinea can't grow.

There are other solutions that can be used, but the chemicals are relatively hard to find. Getting the body alkalized helps. Eating certain foods, which can be any high protein foods, causes the body to be acid, which is why tinea exists. Hence, it is necessary that urinary pH be kept at 7 during the treatment period to discourage its further outbreak. So for men's dose, at least 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in at least 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day should get the body to be more alkaline, discouraging its growth.