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Ted's Remedies for Kids Under 5 for Candida

Posted by Edith (Silicon Valley ) on 06/09/2015

Are there any treatments for kids under 5 for Candida? I gave my son Apple Cider Vinegar and noticed there were in fact worms in his stool after the bowel movement.

Replied by Timh
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E: This is yet another case of misdiagnosis. The presence of gut parasites mimics candida-like symptoms. Intestinal worms themselves carry with them or host several types of pathogens, thus people almost always think it's candida.

So, continue w/ the ACV but also add deworm herbs found here

The herb/spice Garlic is a good broadspectrum antifungal as well as antiparacital. Oregano would be right up there w/ Garlic in terms of effectiveness. I prefer liquid extract soft-gels over powdered forms. Milled Flax Seed helps purge out the bad stuff from the Colon so take a small spoon when taking the other herbs for effective kill and removal.

Replied by Mary

My daughter brought up a good point in parasite control which is why can't we use what we give to our dogs and cats, deworming pills. It works for them.