How Best to Avoid Surgery for Ovarian Cysts and Thyroidectomy?

Posted by Jj (Ma, Usa) on 06/21/2011

Hello Ted

I am 44 years old; vegetairian (23 years); have 2 growing benign thyroid nodules (10 yrs); 2 ovarian cysts & fibroid (3 yrs) and fibromyalgia (18 yrs). I recently came upon your website & am thrilled. Over the years, doctors have suggested total thryoidecomy and gyno says if cysts don't disappear in 6 weeks she wants to perform laproscopic surgery to "clean up my ovaries".

To say the least, I do not want any type of sugery. I am currently taking herbal remedy from China "Healthguard T18 & G caps" since June 2010 to try to shrink thyroid nodules:

I have changed my diet (past 2 weeks) cutting out sugar, white flour, caffeine, chocaolate, eggs most dairy (have yogurt each am & a little organic 2% milk in cereal); eat salad each pm.

  • Each am I eat black strap molasses, aloe vera juice, & beets.
  • I've been mixing in yogurt (is this ok to mix yogurt with this mix?) 1 tblspn ACV mixed with 1 tblspn baking soda & water: am & pm
  • castor oil packs
  • Lugol's iodine: 2 drops & 1 tspn ACV & water: midday; last night iodine painted thyroid & ovaries. Is it ok to iodine paint & ingest iodine daily?

Supplements I've been taking:

  • Magnesium citrate 250 mg / 2 x day
  • 365 Vit C 500 mg 1x day
  • Twinlab B12 500mcg 1x day
  • Vital nutrients Vit D3 2000 iu 5x week
  • Nature Made Flax oil 1000 mg 2x day
  • NSI Probiotic 15 strains/ 35 bil micoorganisms: 2x day

is it ok to mix different supplements from different companies? I'm considering purchasing CoQ10 100mg 3x day, Chromium 1500 mcg, Zinc, Tumeric, Hyalauronic acid 100 mg. After doing much searching on earthclinic these supplements look like they might be able to help my conditions.

I would greatly appreciate your input before buying anything else. I also want to make sure that I am not taking too much, or that certain supps may interfere with other supps. I seperate the supps 2 hours apsrt from the Chinese herbs.

Thank you, JJ

Replied by Meadowsweet
Halifax, England, Uk

Hello JJ,

Have just come across your post. I too have thyroid nodules. Don't know if they're hard or soft yet, am still under investigation. I also wrote to Ted a few months ago but haven't had a reply. I doubt he has time to answer everyone's questions. Anyway, two other products I've recently come across are serrapeptase which is supposed to shrink cysts; and another woman online said she applied high grade Frankincense essential oil and Idaho Fir Balsam to her thyroid cysts and the one which was soft (filled with fluid) shrunk within two weeks. The other hard nodule remains, but hasn't grown since 2007. Hope you find a cure. Best wishes to you. Meadowsweet. :-)

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Cysts do go away but depends on size. They are caused by nanobacteria. To get rid of it use EDTA, disodium or tetrasodium 100 mg 4 times a day and 500 mg tetracycline HCl is given at night.

Your diet might be too much oil. Is best if taken weekly such as 1000 mg for flaxseed just once a week. CoQ10 is best 100 mg x 4, and you might try ubiquinone. I don't know about efficacy of ubiqunol since most early research was based on ubiquinone. One thing might help with reduction of cyst is DHEA 10 to 25 mg for woman's dose.

For your fibromyalgia, take lysine 1000 mg four times a day at least. For some reason lugol's iodine may need more. If you can tolerate iodine without side effects, try more and then back down a bit, that's your optimum dose. The people with tumors need more iodine. Iodine causes nausea in healthy people at doses over 1/2 drops a day, but seems to have no effect on people with tumors at twice the dose, because it uptakes all the iodine and kills itself!


07/23/2011: JJ replies: "Thank you, Ted for getting back to me. You must be swamped with email. What is nanobacteria?

I had a repeat ultrasound; I actually had 3 ovarian cysts. last ultrasound: 1 complex that I've had for 3 years, size unchanged, & 2 new cysts. Since dietary changes & supplements, the 2 new cysts dissolved; complex is still there, but has not grown. However, the CA125 blood test doubled in 6 weeks: 35 to 70.

My gyno wants me to see a surgeon @ Dana Farber for surgery; she says she is very concerned & cannot handle this in her office. I asked if I could have one more menstrual cycle & recheck the CA125 test; she laughed & said it is up to the surgeon, but she thinks I need to have surgery to see what's going on.

I would appreciate your thoughts."

07/23/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "nanobacteria are very small bacteria discovered by independent researchers in 1980 to 1990 throughout the world. They found if nanobacteria are in human body causing cysts, they can be treated with EDTA and tetracycline, HCL 500 mg in evening, and EDTA they used suppositories around 1000 mg. You can read more of it in the book "The Calcium Bomb". I used a different version of EDTA, and used tetra EDTA, 20 drops twice a day, with 500 mg of tetracycine HCl to work fine enough."

07/23/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The choice of surgery rests entirely on you, not the doctors. They always have second and third opinions also. What you need to do is dissolve the cysts, I use stonebreaker (phyllanthus amarus or phyllanthus niruri). In Thailand it is found in most supermarkets in tea bags. I used them 1/2 teaspoon twice a day in powder form. I don't think the teabags form are that effective. But if it is not available then the next best thing is magnesium citrate, get your body alkaline at 7, urinary pH, and take bromelain to digest the tumor. The bromelain is taken 2500 GDU strength 1000 mg x 6, and if you can handle the iodine 2 drops five times a day (start with half a drop a day and see how much you can tolerate), most of this will go into the tumor and kill it from the inside out. Ginger oil or ginger powder if taken in sufficient amount, as much as one can handle say 1/8 4 times a day for example of powder or Ginger oil say 5 drops x 5 times a day would appear to be reasonable, and then I wait 30 days and check for CA 125 again.

So far so good, two cysts disappeared. CA-125 exists in both non-cancer and cancerous, once they are smaller it goes with the territory of going down too. Check the blood sugar after eating and buy a good blood glucose tester. Getting below 100 mg/dL would increase chance of survival. Vitamin C 500 x 6 and B3 100 x 6 would do fine, although the B3 makes one sleepy.

If a person is serious about cancer I usually give the lysine 1000 mg x 4 in morning and 1000 mg x3 in evening. Most companies tend to add calcium and this is a no-no as they fuel cancer growth. Take the one without it, such as powdered Lysine at about 1/4 teaspoon x 4, and threonine 1/8 x 4 in morning and 4 more doses in evening. I would continue this for a month.

It's just how I would treat myself, although I also have other recipes.


Replied by JJ

Just wondering why you don't think I should take flax oil every day; you said just 1x wk. Can too much oil be causing some problems? I thought it was good to take for the Omega 3. I do not eat any meat, including fish.

I also consume 2 tblspns of Extra Virgin coconut oil for the thyroid nodule. Does that sound ok to you? Thank you again for your input!"

08/10/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Extra virgin olive oil is generally good, not because of the oil itself but the contents of oil, which contains hydroxytyrosol, and has many health benefits. The Omega 3 from experience has all my clients experiencing weight gain if they take them everyday, but they were taking it for weight loss, which is not helping. There was one or two cases where weight gain is desired, and for that it is Omega 3 everyday, until it reached the ideal weight. Again any oils you need to keep watch of weight issues, it occurs with all oils, but the worse oil of all is polyunsaturated as they are subjected to oxidation very readily.