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Treatment for Fast Growing Cyst

Posted by JW (Anonymous) on 10/19/2012

Dear Ted, I read and re-read all Earth Clinic postings related to my topic; yet, no one seems to have a cyst as big as mine and growing as rapidly. According to my pelvic ultrasound from late March and early October 2012, my ovarian cyst grew from 14.2 x 11.7 x 9.9 cm to 21.0 x 11.8 x 20.4 cm in six months! Furthermore, my obgyn told me that my cyst is complex. Besides, all my doctors are adamant that I get a hysterectomy due to my having uterine cancer and refused to prescribe megace for me. I had to use my own funds to buy megace online or abroad. I ran out of funds this July 2012 and was not taking any megace. Soon I began to bleed again. I tried to shrink my cyst by using ACV & BSM three times a day, starting July 27th, 2012. Although my ovarian cyst remaining huge, my latest uterine biopsy showed that I am completely free of uterine cancer!!! [BTW, I also added iodine from kelp in late September 2012]. I don't even have endometrial hyperplasia. I definitely read and re-read your prescriptions for ovarian cysts and cancer. Do I need to vary my treatment due to the size of my ovarian cyst and how fast it is growing? THANK YOU for your infinite compassion and wisdom!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most ovarian cysts can be initiated by drug use, such as clomiphene for example. The reason why they cause an increase is due to excess of an estrogen-like component, so that means an excess of estrogen, luteinizing hormones and FSH, as the cause. Estrogen dominance is one of the major causes of cyst and cancer, and also sugar or high blood sugar after the meals, particularly the fructose rich diets, helps worsen the condition.

Three major substances that reduce it are black cohosh, iodine, and progesterone, besides finding something that also reduces the estrogen itself by avoiding anything estrogen, such as birth control pill, etc.

Megace acetate is progesterone in effect, but you can also use progesterone cream apply to the area works about the same, but the cream is only topical, which is weaker, but if a progesterone pill is not available, then progesterone cream will do. Its one of the few that is anti cancer. The other one is more easily available, although it is more indirect, which is pregnenolone, and is easily found on the internet. A standard dose is 50 mg per pill, but it is believed that giving more will increase the body's production of progesterone indirectly.

So basically the iodine that can be taken without side effects is potassium iodide. Especially avoid canned foods they are estrogenic and birth control pills, sugar and artificial sugar. To a lesser extent you should also avoid plastic products.

Flaxseed oil given alone or with lecithin or cottage cheese, can also help reduce fibroids too. Lignan can also help as well as Budwig diets, as both are anti estrogens.

Phytoestrogen actually acts very much as an anti estrogen. This can be found in soy products, which contains genistein and daizein. This is why soy and soy products are such a favorite anticancer remedy, but contrary to popular belief, it binds estrogen receptor cells and so is considered anti estrogen. There are others, such as rosemary, chaste berry, and wheat bran (15 grams/day) that reduce the toxic effects of estrogen.

Then there are supplements such as vitamin E, that reduces estrogen dominance, and thus reduces cancers such as breast cancer which are estrogen dependent. There are other anti estrogens, such as aromatase inhibitors, etc. but that is beyond this email.


Replied by Anon

Hi JW, To get rid of cysts permanently it is advisable to look at a change in what you eat/drink. Follow an alkaline diet plan with no fruit/ sugar, no dairy products whatsoever as milk in particular causes cysts to form and grow. But straight away alkise 3 times a day with baking soda and lemon/ lime juice. If you cut down on amount of protein you eat this will help. If you drink herbal teas and water instead of coffee and alcohol this will help your liver to cope with breaking down the excess estrogen. You could take milk thistle/chanca Piedra to further support your liver. Take lots of iodine as much as you can take - lugols drops in water. Eat 3 brazil nuts a day for the selenium. Try and go out in the Sun for vit d every day or use a sunbed a few times a week. Take pumpkin seeds for zinc- zinc will help balance out estrogen too. Take vitamin a in form of fish Oil( lots of people can't convert beta carotene to vit a)- vit a is needed desperately by epithelial cells of ovary. Take b50 and then b17 as an extra. Take magnesium ( Epsom salt bath) to help balance out the calcium every day. You can take Bsm as this is great for a correct Balance of copper/ iron/ manganese to help. You can take vit e capsules or nuts. Start this straight away so As not to waste time but get a hair analsis anyway to confirm your deficiencies. Have a ca125 test again so You can notice when it decreases. personally I would not take any hormones whatsoever. As you get confirmation your cyst shrinks and you feel much better please report back to help other people who need feedback and confidence in these remedies. Thanks. You will shrink this cyst and recover but you should maintain this eating plan to remain cancer free.

Replied by Wendy
Murwillumbah, Nsw

I think you should go to FB and look up Black Salve in the search bar, please read all the testimonials, xx good luck

Replied by Jw (sand2pearl)
Orange Curtain, California

Dear Earth Clinic,

I'm writing to share some good news:

1. I wrote to you a few weeks back regarding feeling bloated all the time from consuming fresh beets/carrot/parsley juice daily. I solved THAT problem by also consuming fresh squeezed lime juice daily.

2. According to my 09/05/2013 pelvic ultrasound results, my ovarian tumor shrank by more than 15% overall volume. I think the juicing and dietary changes I made since 08/03/2013 really helped. I had fresh beets/carrots/parsley/green-apple/celery juice almost daily and cut out all animal proteins, sugar, salt, and fat (except for some coconut oil).

Along with the above juicing routine and dietary changes, I have just added vitamin b17 and apricot seeds. I will update you.