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How to Avoid Hip Replacement

Posted by Mike (SA) on 05/24/2012

Ted, I have tried about everything short of a THR for my right hip and knee osteo. Prolotherapy, stem cells (bone and fat three different times), boron, baking soda, chicken cartilage, colloidal silver, niacin, ACV, etc. Without success for about 4 months. I was thinking that dmso with chicken cartilage might be an idea. I am going to add lugols, arnica oil, liquid magnesium, clove oil, chanca piedra. Castor oil won't absorb. Then squirting it on using a spray bottle. What do you think? Any ideas of what you would add or subtract? Ted, I am getting desperate and do not want a total hip replacement. What would you do if you were in my predicament? Mike in SA

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Lysine, magnesium, glycine, proline, vitamin D3, and vitamin C are needed for proper hip repair. Lysine is taken at least 1000 mg x 4, magnesium gluconate or magnesium citrate at 50 mg x 4. Take your vitamin K2, m4, this is the main element in resolving your bone condition, preferably start slow at 5 mg, for 3 or 4 days, then 15 mg, similar time period, and finally 45 mg. Vitamin D3 20,000 iu for 3 months. All I know is by the time you found out you need a hip replacement it is often too late, if not the supplement will help but it needs at least a month. Finally to help accelerate healing time (it takes about 1 month) for fractures to repair itself, you need aloe vera oil 10 drops and Rife frequency 1028 Hertz, for at least a week to a maximum of a month in 40 minute sessions. Lysine will enable calcium absorption and utilization, calcium may help in citrate from but they cause strokes, I much prefer strontium chloride at 1/16 to 1/8 teaspoon, as with all calcium and calcium like supplement they tend to cause headaches if taken long enough in which case the dose is lowered by 1/2.


Replied by Mike

Ted, Thank you for the response. What is proline used for and what dosage? It's the 1st I've heard of it. It is rather scary to realize that I might not have much choice about getting a THR. Crap! As far as a Rife machine, I don't know where to get one or find a practitioner, but I will look. There is an oriental medicine Dr. in Louisiana that besides acupuncture does electric work, I guess like a Rife unit. I am trying to work up going to him but it's going to be costly in time and money (minimum of 12 visits). I tried to download it but I couldn't. Here's a site with a description of what he does, Indiadevine-dr. snow. I really don't know if it is a scam, but I'll probably try his method. There are a lot of scams out there, as you know. It seemed as if you were discouraging me from the DMSO mixture. Is this true? I also neglected to mention HA as an additive, which I am taking now (300mg pd). How do you know if you have mycobacteria? What are the symptoms? I was/am thinking about getting a scrip for Doxycycline, if I have the symptoms but I don't know what they are. Other than what you told me, is there anything else you know of that might help, offer any hope? I'm sure you can understand my desperation and your feedback would be very much appreciated."

06/19/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The problem is most hip replacements may not be necessary if it is not broken. The rule of thumb in Denmark is they will not do a hip replacement until is broken. The other is bone mineral density if it is very low may justify it. But my experience is that a lot of them are unnecessary, if the cause of them is rheumatoid (the cause is myco) and hip degeneration due to vitamin K2 m4 deficiency and can only be found in real butter, and supplements, as well as vitamin D3, 10,000 iu, and magnesium.

DMSO mixture is 30 cc of DMSO with 0.25 grams of hyaluronic acid, this may be applied topically where there is pain, preferably with cotton balls. The Rife frequency to help pain and get rid of the corynebacterium is the acne vulgaris or general acne program. A proper Rife device should have a ray tube, foot plates, and hand electrodes. The proper placement is the ray tube must on the area of the pain on the side of the ray tube. It will kill the the bacterium if done long enough and the pain is gone and the regenerative cells take their place.

The reason why there are so many scams is they don't know the proper treatment, so they instead resort to that to fill in the gap the medical system cannot provide.


Replied by Mike

Ted, I have been trying to find vita. K-2 with m4, to no avail. What is m4? Nothing is coming up on any of the vita suppliers that I've put in. Do you or could you recommend a source? You also mentioned "10 drops of aloe vera" but I don't know if I take it internally or put it at the site before using a Rife machine? I hate to ask seemingly inane questions, but frankly I just don't know. I also haven't got a 5 month supply of Doxycycline for mycobacteria. I just can't shake the idea that I have them in my hip. Intuition is a strange thing. Ted I really appreciate the answers you have given me, I am trying everything I can, shotgun, to cure my hip and the arthritis before I submit to a hip replacement. Like you the surgery repulses me. URGENT I have found a Rife Machine and need to find out about Aloe Vera supplements, the correct proline dosage and the K2 with m-4 supplements? I plan to start the Rife today along with some exercises just need a little clarification. Mike"

07/31/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Glakay Brand is the known vitamin K2 M4 sold in Thailand. You may find in other areas. If you get a bone mineral analysis, the common deficiency is lysine, vitamin C, glycine and proline, the four things necessary for collagen, Most surgeries are known to be not necessary. The rife function is a known convenience in getting less pain to the hip and may kill the corynebacteria mentioned. Suitable frequencies are 334, 444, 447, 465, 564, 633, 778, 780, 833, 660, 944, 2720 and may help the hip pain and regenerate some of the bone issue.


Replied by Emma
New York, NY

In case Mike is still interested in a Vitamin K M-4 source, I found one after searching many brands. Life Extension has one called "Super K with Advanced K2 Complex. " This is a full spectrum vitamin K supplement with the following breakdown for 1 softgel:

K1: 1000 mcg
K2 M-4: 1000 mcg
K2 M-7: 100 mcg

I chose this brand with all three types because I found all three kinds in a brain repair supplement that retired neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock created. He stated that Vitamin K plays a critical role in energy production by cells, especially brain cells, which is information not well known about Vitamin K.

Also, anyone taking D3 supplements really need sufficient levels of D's cofactors: Vitamin K as well as magnesium, zinc and boron, if they would like to optimize their D3 metabolism.

Replied by Julie

I found a K2-M4 supplement 15MG (15,000 mcg) on Amazon - called "Menatetrenone" - Brand name is "Relentless ______." Under $35US per bottle of 90 capsules.