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In some cases the cause is the parasites. But once they leave, the candida is still there before it can be contracted. Biochemical analysis indicates a yeast and mycoplasma pathogens. Mycoplasma are fungus like organism. They tend to accumulate heavy metals. A great majority of people who have candida also have very high heavy metals or get regular vaccinations. The urinary excretion indicates abnormally high tartaric acid, indicating a high level of fungus toxins, which causes the intoxication. An additional of parasites aid in the proliferation of such conditions and therefore in some cases parasites, such as mites, bedbites, bird parasites can trigger it.

They are generally resistant to all forms of antibiotics as it forms symbiosis with heavy metals, thus the antibiotic cannot touch them as it causes the antibiotic to be instantly oxidized. The only way to kill them is to kill the parasites, if it exists, or mycoplasma, which always exists, or other related forms of pathogens. The other which is most important is to remove the heavy metals.

The big issue is that when the removal of heavy metal commences, marked herx can be seen. EDTA don't seem to cause Herx that much. To kill these pathogens, it is necessary to do an H2O2+EDTA therapy. Remove the heavy metals and yet, oxidized them with H2O2. To reduce the toxic byproducts of these critter, take plenty of malic acid plus baking soda to neutralized organic acid toxins.

The taking of interval small doses of H2O2+EDTA every hour for 12 hours should result in some improvement. Acetyl Carnitine, N-Acetyl-Cysteine and sodium ascorbate taken in large doses, especially the Carninitine and sodium ascorbate (alkaline form vitamin C) seems most helpful. Candida is a condition caused by the body's immune system being suppressed as a result of chemical toxins (fluoride, chlorine, alloxan in white flour, monosodium glutamate, ethylene dibromide from chemtrails), vaccination(methyl mercury, living mycoplasma) , and special mycoplasma which are designed to suppressed the immune system.

The most effective antidote for the suppressed immune system is to eliminate or detoxify the cause. The use of malic acid (usually found in apple cider vinegar or taken separately) will not eliminate them but will reduce the toxicity. Sodium thiosulfate will detox many toxic chemicals, borax will detox the fluoride.

Sugar is the obvious issue to control, but alloxan found in the white flour is the real cause.

The extensive use of antibiotics will make the condition of candida much worse because it reduces heavy metal excretion, which is a food source for the yeast like organism and also killing the beneficial bacteria at the same time. I suspect a regular dose of sodium perborate (200 mg) might be best in counteracting the parasite issues or perhaps a sodium perborate bath. This is just my opinion.

I can't cover the cures for candida at the moment because I am a bit busy now. But I am sure that the information I gave you above should give you some clues as to the treatment. Just remember: the real cause is your immune system is suppressed, either by commercial such as fungicide which causes a permanent suppression of immune system or by an organism (parasites or pathogens). Best way is to avoid, detox, and regenerate your immune system organs by homeopathy.