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Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Treatment

Posted by S. (Anonymous) on 12/29/2011

Dear Ted, I have read and used many of your remedies from earth, with favorable results. I am hopeful that you can offer suggestions on curing my 10 year old child (5' tall, 95 lbs.) She has had two episodes of cerebellitis in 12 months, 11 months apart. She has tested positive for mycoplasma pneumonia with both episodes.

Your earth clinic posts have recommended borax, aspirin, and breathing sea salt steam, but none give a timeframe as to how long to treat.

Her neurologist wants to treat this as an autoimmune disease and believes that the mycoplasma goes away on it's own. I believe that she has had the mycoplasma all along, well over 1 year. She has had a non productive cough all along (a hallmark of M.pneumonia), and her last hospitalization revealed a slow heartbeat during sleep (51). She plays soccer but is NOT a highly trained athlete so I found this disturbing.

I want to cure her and hopefully prevent a third brain swell. Please give dosage suggestions AND recommended time frame for remedies. Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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All mycoplasma, whether ulcerative colitis, tuberculosis, Crohn's disease, and even autoimmune disease responds favorably to borax, B3, molybdenum, chromium, alkalization, chlorophyll, some vanadium, methylene blue, and to a certain extent humic acid a little where the solution is light brown, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), and sulfur supplements (N acetyl cysteine), some vitamin C... the list goes on. In fact the most common forms of autoimmune disease I see is actually fungus caused, and they grow inside the cells and that's why the antibiotics don't work or may make the conditions worse, as the antibiotics are produced from the fungus also.

The important supplements for mycoplasma in general, whether they are tuberculosis, paratuberculosis, or other subspecies are sodium molybdate, hydrogen peroxide, bromelain, unripe papaya, and at least sodium bicarbonate, although I tend to favor sodium citrate and potassium citrate for alkalization.

Sodium molybdate I supplement at between 10 mg per day to 50 mg per day. I tend to take somewhere in the middle, such as 25 mg. Borax remedy is 1/8 tsp mixed in 1 liter of drinking water. Hydrogen peroxide uses the 3% solution, one capful is mixed in 1 liter of drinking water. Unripe papaya is taken as somtom (Thai food ) of any amount or you can take it as salads but without the salad dressing, that's why somtom is more ideal, it doesn't contain fat and vegetable oils. In fact you try to avoid things that contain especially heated vegetable oils such as french fries and potato chips. If you have sodium bicarbonate, it would be fine since sodium citrate and potassium citrate are not readily available. The potassium bicarbonate and potassium citrate is more deadly to the mycobacterium or limits their growth faster. The timeframe ideally is between 1 to 3 months for the treatment.

However it appears that coughing has to be treated. The one thing I found that helps coughing and helps the mycobacterium are SSKI, lugols and N acetyl cysteine. SSKI is given at 1/16 teaspoon per 1 liter water mixed in with the borax at 1/8 teaspoon if you want. But if it is severe enough, I may take lugol's 5 drops to stop it. N acetyl cysteine has similar effect and is strongly needed, the usual dose is 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon twice a day. B3 niacinamide is also a commonly used supplement in case of mycoplasmas, at bedtime at least 500 mg. During the day time is given at 250 mg x 3 times a day to help kill the mycoplasmas.

This is just the basic remedy.


Replied by Dan

Ted, are you talking 50 mg or 50 mcg of molybdate and if mg, are you talking 100% moly or 30% moly?

Replied by Nina
New Jersey

Does anyone know Ted's recommended dosage for sodium citrate and potassium citrate per day in treating mycoplasma as described above?

Replied by Mtd

Just wondering if anyone knows the dosage for Sodium Molybdate and for Potassium Citrate for Mycoplasma, thanks if you can help.