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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/23/2011

Hello Ted! I'm a hearttorn sister of a miserable brother who has been suffering from a tragic illness, manic depressive psychosis for about 16 years. He was just 17 years old young, lively and gay college boy when he attacked his friend. Then a fruitless efforts of his medical treatment started. He remained hospitalized,treated with electric shocks,on and off antidepressants like Ativan, Lithium etc and continued his studies during treatment. While on Lithium his attack of disease started again more severe ever than before more aggressive, suicidal thoughts depression etc. For the last two years my mother stopped giving him any sleeping pill. She hates the present medicaltreatment and now he could sleep without any medicine but he is not able to live a normal life. He could not concentrate for long time. He is jobless even at the age of 34. Sometimes he has phobias that some one is trying to kill him etc. Sometimes he behaves normally.

According to medical science there is no cure for bipolar. I googled a lot and trying to treat my brother myself. He has been taking currently flax seeds for omega three, nuts and seeds, magnesium citrate 400 mg twice a day in the morning and at night simple vitamin C 1000 mg as I could not find sodium ascorbate, and B complex one tab.I think he is also hypothyroid because I have read that Lithium can make a person hypothyroid. For thyroid I want to get use my brother Lugols Iodine but I dont know how? With all these remedies he is improving but very slowly sometimes he talks very sensibly. For aminoacids we increase meat and eggs in his diet before that he ate mostly vegetables.Ted please help me Am I doing right? What do you recommend? Is there any cure for my brother? Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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My opinion is there is a cure, but that's my opinion as the cause of Bipolar is virus in the brain, such as herpes simplex (for example) in the nervous system that controls emotions, usually bought on my low immune system, hypothyroidism, marijuana use, and others, such as sinus problem (virus enters there). That's my experience. The two things that control this is lysine and B3, as a quick remedy. The lysine 1000 is given hourly, until his outbreaks stops, as well as B3 500 mg. But over the long run lysine is given hourly for four hours, two rounds in morning and in evening will stop this, but is needed to be taken at least 3 days, thereafter maintenance dose of 2 a day 2000 mg is necessary. Since the brain is damaged (it is chemically imbalance) so you might not see this in MRI scan but you probably can see them in a SPECT scan which checks brain metabolism, but is not needed, I already know. The other supplements you are missing is gingko biloba extract, there are others, such as threonine, etc. But you are definitely missing these important supplements I mentioned.


Replied by Anonymous

Hello! Dear Ted, I am so much happy to inform you that my brother is responding quite well to your remedies. He has improved a lot: better sleep, reduction of depression, happy mood, improved concentration. Now he plays cricket with his friends, takes interest to improve his dressing and looks, watches tv programmes with great interest. Although overall results are good but some times he goes out of track and behaves as like a bipolar patient more suspicious about others. Sometimes feels worried about being jobless and sometimes refuses to take medicines. He is taking currently 1000 mg lysine + 500 mg B3 + 500 mg threonine twice a day. He is also taking magnesium citrate 400mg, vitamin c 1000mg. Actually my brother lives in Pakistan and I am helping him through internet. So I can't observe him directly myself. Please guide me how to give him Lugol's Iodine (made in Pakistan) and selenium for his thyroid because he has been ingesting chlorine through drinking water and tap water for a long period of time. Now I have advised my mother to use sodium thiosulfate in drinking and bath water. I have a few questions if you could please answer them:

  • How long will he take to behave completely normal?
  • How and when to give him Iodine, selenium and biloba extracts?
  • Is it safe to use all supplements together at the same time?
  • What to do to make him more social and friendly? Sometimes he becomes more callous and rigid for his own family as well other people.

Thank you so much for always helping me."

10/12/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "As far as your brother's bipolar disorder:

He is taking currently 1000 mg lysine + 500 mg B3 + 500 mg threonine twice a day.

You take lysine and threonine 4 times a day every hour for 4 hours, in morning (AFTER the major 3 days' dose), with one dose or two doses in evening. That's why he hasn't quite healed.

He is also taking magnesium citrate 400mg, vitamin c 1000mg.

It's fine, but if you can add gotu kola (centella asiatica) 2 times a day it would be nice and in evening perhaps St. John's Wort. The cause of Bipolar is viral, and all that I am recommending actually is antiviral.

If you have money, hair mineral analysis would help, if not, it doesn't matter, then just give him selenium. The general area of Pakistan and Bangladesh may be high in arsenic, so selenium will displace it.

He needs some sort of whey protein or soy and lugols. In a soy protein you will add 1-2 drops of Iodine solution before bedtime.

How long will he take to behave completely normal?

Depends on the lysine and threonine dose, the dose AFTER 3 days is hourly, four hours then at night one dose is the minimum. It doesn't work if it is given OVER 1 hour apart especially the first 3 doses. I think that is the problem, he's not doing the proper hourly dose. In tough cases after the critical 3 days, I may make them take 4 hourly doses in morning, 3 hourly doses in evening. And if tougher cases (yes I really have tough cases) I may require them to take N acetyl cysteine 250 mg three times a day. All doses are calculated to minimum for people with very limited resources.

How and when to give him Iodine, selenium and biloba extract?

The iodine Lugols is given along with soy protein in the evening at minimum of one drop to five drops in a 1/2 glass to 1 glass of soy milk protein no sugar or minimum sugar BELOW 5% I prefer 3%. Selenium is given twice a day at 200 mcg each. Gingko biloba extract is given 1/4 teaspoon twice a day. The most important remedy will be the lysine. If you have trouble (for any reasons) with soy protein supplement there is a pre-digested (amino acid) soy protein tablet that he can take 3 times a day.

Is it safe to use all supplements together at the same time?

Yes, but those that are taken at night should be taken a night. There are some exceptions to this. If his condition is aggressive, you can give B3 throughout the day, such as 5 times a day 250 mg each. The aggression can also be due to one of three things I found, which is arsenic, lead and cadmium, but cadmium even less then 0. 5 ppm (safety level is ppb) can lead to that also, the other are more to be aggressive, usually 2 ppm would set it off also.

What to do to make him more social and friendly?

Check for cadmium in his hair mineral analysis. He cannot eat chocolate. His rigidity maybe be due to that, although I don't see that in arsenic, but I do see them in lead. The Roman leaders such as Nero had very high lead in their blood. The other is he lacks essential protein, which can be supplemented from soy or whey protein, but is improved with a drop of iodine solution in the drinks. For lead poisoning, you might supplement with N acetyl cysteine, 4 times a day 250 mg each, non-effervescent kind. The most important for ALL metal poisoning is magnesium, I prefer magnesium chloride, or magnesium citrate, in these cases.

There is more to bipolar treatment, but these are the major treatments. More likely he's not taking the hourly doses of lysine for four hours, the other is there's no magnesium, he's not taking B3 four times a day (when he get's aggressive at times), and he probably has lead or cadmium, which is treated with more N acetyl cysteine, magnesium, and soy or whey with a drop of iodine.


Replied by Anonymous

Hello Ted, Thank you so much for detailed and very very quick reply. Your recommendation and suggestions are really worth a try. You are right that he is not taking hourly doses of lysine. Actually this is my fault because I could not understand how to give him these doses. The reason is that I could not imagine such a high dose of lysine could be given hourly. I also got confused when you said in your first e-mail "two rounds in the morning and evening will stop this." I thought that lysine and b3 must be given after every four hours, total four doses.

Now I understand well that it must be given after every hour for four hours. In critical cases it can be given 7 times a day. Am I understanding right now?

One thing I could not understand, first you recommended lysine with vitamin B3 and now you are suggesting lysine with threonine.

Please tell me how many days these hourly doses must be given? I am asking about it because lysine and other supplements are hardly available in Pakistan and I have to parcel them from here and it takes time. Thank you once again for your cooperation and great help. You are really a very generous and kind man. God always keep you in His protection."

10/14/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "B3 is to help aggression, if he has any, so is given when he does, but if not, the lysine and threonine is given.

Please tell me how many days these hourly doses must be given?

You need to give hourly doses for at least 3 days. After the 3 days you can give the morning doses for 4 doses, and in evening just one dose. There is a virus present in the brain that is causing the aggression by inflammation on the brain, and lysine is given that way, you can do the same with aspirin also given hourly, but most don't like aspirin. It also helps if zinc is given. Now farmers in Thailand like it so much they take it hourly for a whole month, as it helps tame the cancer, herpes simplex, and other conditions. But the 3 to 4 days is most critical. That's just to get rid of about 90 to 98% of the virus in the brain that's causing the bipolar. There are other additions that might help which are also antiviral, sabah snake grass, andrographis paniculata, lithium with iodine, centella asiatica, gingko biloba extract, etc. But for practical purposes lysine, threonine, B3, and maybe zinc acetate. That would be enough for most cases since most cases cannot afford too many supplements.


Replied by Anonymous

Hello! Dear Ted, I am so much Happy on your reply that I could not express in words. I could not even find words to say you thanks. Your Hope that there is a cure for Bipolar is really Great and Valuable. I am really grateful to you. You are absolutely right that virus can enter in brain through sinus problem or etc as my brother has sinus problems from his childhood. He has severe allergies to dust, perfume, pollen etc throughout his life and has taken antibiotics. Now I want to inquire How long must the maintenance dose of Lysine be given? What to do with his Hypothyroidism? Thank you once again!"

10/15/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Lysine is an essential human dietary supplement and they are poorly absorbed in normal dietary means as lysine is glycated during cooking and is easily glycated when our blood sugar is high, making them necessary to take. The lysine 1000 mg x 2 a day, should suppress 90% of all people from a bipolar disorder. It will also relieve him of allergies, yes certain forms allergies are lysine deficiencies.

Hypothyroidism is a multiple deficiency, which can be addressed with selenium 200 mcg x2, brewer's yeast (RNA and DNA) 6000 mg, and avoid isothiocyanates found in cabbage, cassava, broccoli, and most important of all 1 mg of iodine in form of lugol's solution, but needs to adjust dose and reducing it if has side effects by 1/2. Magnesium is essential, but in the form of citrate, gluconate, chloride or glycinate but never oxide or carbonate forms, as they are not water soluble, therefore reduces bioavailability.

Remember this, I believe there are many cures for Bipolar disorder I have seen it, but people are not sharing the information, so I am left on my own and maybe making a fool of myself! LOL.


Replied by Rae
Chicago, Il, United States

Ted, I ordered niacinamide, lysine and threonine as you have recommended for bipolar. You advised that the 1000 mg of lysine and 1/4 teaspoon or 500 mg threonine regimen be given hourly for four consecutive hours for 3-4 days. Should these hourly doses be in the morning? Should the lysine and threonine be given with food or on an empty stomach? After the 3-4 days, when should the maintenance dose of 1000 mg lysine and 1/4 teaspoon or 500 mg of threonine, twice daily, be given? Once in the morning and once at night? How long should the maintenance program continue? I know the 500 mg niacinamide should be given at night on an empty stomach during the intitial 3-4 day lysine/threonine treatment but how long should the 500 mg niacinamide continue? Should nothing else be taken during this time (vitamins, probiotics, etc. )? Many thanks and blessings to you for all your wonderful contributions on

Replied by Nonfunctioning Bipolar Patient
Atlanta, Georgia

Is this a lifelong regimen with the lysine/B3/threonine, vitamin C, etc or can the virus causing the bipolar be cured over time? Thank you!

Replied by Anonymous

Can you please share in detail what worked for your brother? As I am dealing with the same situation and am completely dumbfounded. My brother has the same issues and I am in desperate need of a solution. Please, if you could describe in detail, it could save a life. Thank you!