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Drug Use Caused Insomnia, Etc.

Posted by P (Anonymous) on 06/02/2012

Dear Ted, I'm a 25 year male who has been experiencing somewhat severe neurological symptoms over the past two years. It start after taking what I presumed at the time to be LSD. Whatever the substance was caused almost debilitating sleep disturbances such as extreme vivid dreams and waking up about a dozen or so times a night. I started taking curcumin and the problem started to diminish; that was until I started supplementing with inositol, and other symptoms began, such as tremors, brain fog and again weak sleep. It seems as if I have some sort of toxin in my brain that the inositol re-sensitized me too. My question is, what is the most effective way to detox this from my body? Any insights would be massively appreciated!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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First thing is anxiety disorders can start with not just LSD, but barbiturates, marijuana, xanax and others. There are many types of inositol out there such that I don't know what kind. However they work by binding to benzodiazepine receptors, but your problems appear to be sleep and waking up at nights. The one thing that LSD and marijuana have in common is it lowers the cerebral immune system such that the body is more permeable to virus, it also happens that a special Lyme can get into the system and can cause havoc too. Brain fog and tremors are common symptoms of virus infection of the brain caused by LSD and marijuana. My research is not that advanced in this area, but I would look into threonine, glycine, lysine and maybe dimethylglycine to help that viral or immune system issue. The iodine drops given at night may also help sleep (1 to 10 drops lugols) such that most veterinarians give them to pets too [EC: Normal dosage is half a drop per day--begin with that and slowly increase your daily dose.]. DHEA and melatonin seems to help also in fighting the virus also by a mechanism that reduces the virus toxicity, and has a somewhat overnight effect on reducing them. The Rife machine that I used seems to respond to virus frequency using the ray tube in the head and you could almost feel they are avoiding them once you applied them for one hour, it seems to clear the brain immediately. Finally I have a client who had similar issues but not LSD, but marijuana was what triggered the event. He was helped by lysine (taken hourly) for a month, threonine, and lots of B3, mainly in 3000 mg spread over the day, and it also triggered (the marijuana) a bipolar disorder caused by virus, as the brain is low of it's immune system there too. So you are not the only one.