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Posted by John C. on 07/24/2010

Hello Ted,

I hope this is interesting. I cultivate my paranoia. Please tell me... after reading the following... if I have no cause. There doesn't appear to be many natural medicines or plants that are really addictive. Yet, when I check out a pharmaceutical drug, I often find that the drug causes,
rebound, dependency and withdrawal. Hundreds of drugs. Do you think there is a common characteristic of a combination of chemicals
that causes this... because people are addicted to 'beneficial' medicines, in the true meaning of the word. Not a nice thought, I know.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear John:

When a pharmaceutical company calculates the feasibility of what medicines to market, one of the important thing is they have to be profitable. Two things can be profitable: if a medicine is produced that the customer will continue to buy them for as long as they live, or that the medicine is expensive enough to justify their investment. If they become somewhat a regular income earner, then the drugs produce is something they have to keep taking them. If the medicine is very expensive, then it is used only a few times such as chemotherapy. Whether intentional or unintentional, this is what medicines they will market it. There is a way around them, but something no drug company will invest in: cheap supplements that people will take brifely, for a cheap price and cure them. Take for instance, the cure for urinary tract infection. Sea salt is my common remedy. No company in their right mind will market and sell sea salt to treat urinary tract infection. It's too cheap.

My approach to getting people cured is simple: find the cause and treat that. This is not a profitable route, compared to buying the drugs every day. Therefore, if a medicine does not treat the cause, the consumer will be dependent on them for a very long time and should they discontinue, the effect can be disastrous. Take for example blood pressure medicine. Try to stop that if you can and if you have high blood pressure. Certain hormone replacement therapy obviously will make a person dependent on them also. If you treat the cause and cure them yourself, then that's one way out of addiction to the drugs. How this happens biochemically on dependency on them is simple, if my hormones are low in your system (usually due to excessive fatty food intake), and you take hormones. Usually the body if it sees too much hormones the body's hormones are shutdown. Then once they are shut down long enough, the body can no longer produce the hormones and we end up with addiction to the hormone replacement regimen completely. Hope this explains some basic principles why we get addicted to pharma drugs. In a nutshell, you don't get drug deficiency, but if you take them you may get drug dependency. Look at me. I avoid these drug like the plague. I only take them as a last resort. This is why I have so many remedies that uses none of the pharma industry's product and I rarely post any of their drugs.