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Ritalin for ADD Caused Seizure Disorder Side Effects

Posted by M (Anon) on 08/13/2013

Dear Mr Napatalung, I contact you because the medical world cannot find a solution for my issues. I suffer from ADD and took Ritalin during 5 weeks in may and june and 3 weeks in January to be able to study for my courses in law school. I had great results by doing so but the downside is terrible.

Ever since I suffer from acid reflux and muscle spasms, twitches and tremors. I Had different brain scan and the neurologist told me i have epilepsy symptoms, probably triggered by the Ritalin. Taking PPI's did nothing for my hyperacidity.

I took baking soda at night in the past only to wake up with stomach pains in the morning. (I took 1 teaspoon a day). ACV did not seem to help...

Could you tell me what else i can try to not only get rid of the acidity and to heal the Attention Deficit Disorder?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Actually acid reflux is a misnomer, it is actually the lack of stomach acid that causes h. pylori to invade the stomach resulting in this acid reflux, or fermenting bacteria and nerve damage (or stimulation) that causes acid reflux. To treat acid reflux naturally, B6 is taken before meals, aloe vera oil is taken at 1 teaspoon with humic acid to kill this h. pylori as well as other bacteria harboring in the stomach. To help healing you can take supplemental lysine, and vitamin C is taken with meals also. To help with stomach acidity betaine hydrochloride with water is also taken. Humic acid will reduce the incidence of reflux, so it can be taken whenever symptoms exist. The other maybe diatomaceous earth, which is taken at 1 teaspoon to help reduce acid reflux as a problem. After meals maybe 30 minutes or 1 hour the body needs to reduce the acidity, to protect the intestines from the stomach acid, and drink plenty of water during meals. Avoid the obvious, sugar, MSG, wheat, cheese, etc. Lysine, humic acid, and aloe vera oil will help healing. Borax 1/4 teaspoon with one capful of 3% H2O2 in one liter of water may also help. There are a lot of solutions for acid reflux, but this is a list I will try first.