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If Hydrogen Peroxide Helps in Malaria

Posted by Thakor (UK) on 07/25/2006

I am wondering if anyone has any experiences with Malaria, My daughter contacted malaria by traveling on holiday to kenya,this year,she did take the oral treatments before she went on holiday,still the malaria insects must have bitten her,when she came back she had malaria after a week, she took the necessary treatments, and slowly is getting back to health. what i want to ask readers, if hydrogen peroxide can help in cases of catching malaria. And how!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Thakor: Yes I have heard of cases of people being cured or relieved of malaria on hydrogen peroxide. But other herbal preparations is known in medicine to really help malaria such as wormwood (or artemisia). In Thailand we have this common weed grass called Ya Ka, that seems to cure the entire family of malaria. I suspect that olive leaf taken plenty and in large amounts can also help.

So yes, hydrogen peroxide does help, if you have no other nearby facilities to help you of course. As to how well they work against malaria I cannot say. But the best ways is to always use a DEET mosquito repellent with you when going to countries known to have mosquitoes.