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Is There a Preventative Malaria Remedy for Both Adults and Children?

Posted by Sarah on 08/08/2010

Hello Ted,

My name is Sarah. Earth Clinic has been such a source of inspiration and education since I was first introduced to it. I was born in France, lived 7 yrs in W. Africa, have lived in America for the past 10 years and now moving back to Africa (Zambia) with a family of my own.

When we lived in Togo my family and I decided to not take any of the typically prescribed medication against malaria and we all had bouts of it once or twice a year. We later discovered that vit C in high doses was very helpful in keeping malaria under control through a strong immune system. I am now starting to research what would be the ideal 'natural preventative remedy' against malaria and particularly for my 2 yr old daughter. We also plan to take all the other practical precautions common sense dictates such as mosquito nets etc..

I would be very grateful to hear what your advice would be for such a situation.

Many thanks in advance!!


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Sarah:

There are many ways to actually treat malaria, such as vitamin C large dose. The key is the hourly dose. The other ones that may be valuable against malaria that I haven't had time to test is lysine, threonine, glutamine for example. The key to any natural approach is the idea of hourly dose and 1/2 hourly dose, not just high dose. The idea is high frequency dose tends to allow a person to be able to take them at a lower dose with high frequency are more effective then a single dose or few dose but taken at a large dose. This is how we can use this to treat polio, multiple sclerosis, with just vitamin C. Of interest of malaria, I think hydrogen peroxide, iodine, vitamin C and methylene blue 0.1% are valuable whenever these do get infected. It must be noted that malaria is one of the serious epidemic, however there is currently another epidemic that is currently going on right now, at least in Thailand and Mexico that I am aware of. It is Dengue fever, Chikungunya and one seriously overlooked one is ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). The ALS is viral and there is somewhat of an epidemic here, if it is recognized soon enough, which is characterized by inability for a person to talk loudly due to weakening of control of lung capacity as the most telling of the ALS. The treatment for antiviral is straightfoward, but ALS has a permanent effect in destroying the nervous system as same as debilitation conditions polio, but without the inflammation. The hydrogen peroxide, if treatment is malaria I believe is two captuls of 3% H2O2 per liter of drinking water taken 30 minutes apart. Methylene blue I believe the dose required is much lower then those used during the Vietnam war needed to treat malaria, such as 1/10 of their dose is fine. The idea is not single large doses, but several small doses are much better tolerated. The lysine and glutamine dose I believe works best at for children at 250-500 mg hourly dose for about 4 to 6 dose. Usually a one day cure is possible, but to prevent reinfection I think taken on second day is usually helpful. I have tested on ALS, Parkinson's (yes also viral), malaria and Dengue fever here too. Zinc and magnesium I also found to be helpful, but in case it's the West Nile virus, then lithium and magnesium needs to be considered also, especially the lithium, but the adult dose is fairly small, 2-5 mg compared to prescription drug dose of 250 mg. Lithium is antiviral and prevents anemia, that may occur in malaria and other diseases such as cancer (they mostly viral, rather then fungal, usually found in vaccines.). Therefore have a look for malaria using methylene blue, lysine, glutamine, iodine and hydrogen peroxide I think are most interesting.