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Looking for a Cure for Laryngitis

Posted by Anonymous on 10/23/2006

I am looking for a cure for laryngitis. None of the medicines having been working.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The cause of laryngitis is inflammation of vocal cords bought on a virus or bacteria, or possibly dryness of the throat, or possibly poisons that the body is rejecting.

I once had laryngitis a decade ago, and the cause was identified to be aspartame in the pepsi or coke. Upon discontinuing, the symptoms stopped.

Virus is a common cause, so inhalation of eucalyptus or clary sage aromatherapy will help. '

When the body is in a acid condition, the tissue can a sometimes be inflamed, so drinking some lemon juice, or lemon juice with some baking soda, will resolve this too.

If the condition is due to bacteria, or strep throat, then drinking 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and warm green tea, which contains tannins should kill it. Inflammation of the larynx is also a reflection the body's elimination system, constipation and this causes the problem. So getting rid of the toxins in intestines by taking some milk of magnesia can also help.