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Chronic Laryngitis From Smoking

Posted by Bina (Bangalore, India) on 06/19/2007

Im female and 55 years old,diagonised with chronic layrangitis, which Ive had for past 10-12 years and have noticed my voice has turned very hoarse-most unfemale like !! I also smoke about 10-12 cigrattes per day - any remedy???

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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While it useless for me to convince you to stop smoking(!), there are certain supplements that can cause the body to withdraw away from cigarettes much easier. Vitamin B complex, taken twice a week, plus 300-500 mg of vitamin B3 niacinamide. The idea behind this is simple: the chemical similarities between a nicotinamide (niacinamde) and a nicotine, is actually quite similar, with just only one oxygen difference. Therefore if the B3 is taken before the urge comes, this strong relaxing effects of niacinamide should have prevented that addiction as the calming effects is quite strong. There ARE other common everyday products that have strong relaxing effects, such as 6-12 drops of 10% sodium thiosulfate (dechlorinator), 50 mg of boron supplement (borax), but my guess is to reduce the anxiety effects, the vitamin B complex and some sodium ascorbate vitamin C may help.

Once the body's has less smoke in its lungs the damages of the cigarettes which causes tissue damage of the throat reduces and the hoarseness would be dealt with by treating the cause, which in your case is cigarette smoking. So the remedy would be to find some supplements which reduces the addiction. I suspect there are over the counter medicines such as naloxone, which also reduces the addiction, but doctors don't promote them since it will hurt their treatments of lung cancer, and other diseases related to cigarettes smoking. At least in Thailand, no one here ever heard of naloxone, and niacinamide B3, sold separately is also nonexistent.

Adding a drop or two of narcissus oil, or put them in a nasal inhaler (those used mentholated nasal inhaler can help). The strong anti-anxiety effect of this is enough to at least reduce the smoking addiction.