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Hip Bursitis on Both Sides, Help Needed

Posted by JT on 04/10/2009


I have delivered my second son on the Dec 10th 2008 and had lower back ache. They said it was because of pelvic misalignment and had to adjust it four time to set it. This process irritated the hip bone and muscle and i've got hip bursitis on the right side which had radiated to the left also. They gave me a cortizone shot on the right to help with the pain but it is of no use. Now both my hips and shoulders are hurting equally bad. Ibuprofen 800mg is also not working. I am not able to sleep at all. Lying on my side to breastfeed my 4 month old is killing me. Its making my pain worse. I was borderline positive for ANA when I had last checked it in June 2007 and Feb 2008. I am taking my prenatal vitamins along with 1500 i.u vitamin D and 300mg magnesium. I am also taking ACV with baking soda. Nothing seems to help me. My situation is getting worse and worse. I started with a pelvic misalignment and now am a big snowball of pain. My whole body joints hurt, all muscles hurt. I am writing this email to you at 3.10 a.m not able to sleep because of the pain. Don't know what else to do. Please, please, please help me to feel better. i am begging you. I AM STILL BREASTFEEDING MY SON.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear JT:

The normal the joint that are painful are influenced by the mechanic of things: collagen formation, blood circulation, and fluid joints. The last one is infection where certain orgamisms digest the joint causing cartilage or bone damage, as in rheumatic arthritis or cancerous bone growth, or other things.

In the condition of joint pain occurs whenever one of those are damaged, you experience continuous pain. Now using pain killers simply buy time, but the cause is still there if it's not dealt with. So in a worse case scenario it's possible if the cause is not removed, one can be engaged in buying time without end.

A collagen formation is influenced by their healing. The common remedy I used is aloe vera supplements or aloe vera juice, or even aloe vera oil. Aloe vera contains allantoin, which helps healing of the joint. In some places they used comfrey poultrice applied externally as they too contain allantoin. Vitamin Cs another one that helps healing owing to it's ability to promote collagen. However, a more direct methods is to take collagen supplements such as 250-1000 mg a day. Perhaps just 250 mg x 3 or x 4 mixed with plenty of water help. Then there's chicken collagen, finely chopped parts of ligament of the chicken and soft white bone part of the chicken, boiled bones soup, from pigs, beef or chicken are also high in them. It takes at least 3 days for collagen to have effect on the person skin, reducing stretch marks and helping with the healing overall. A low dose copper supplements as in chelated copper, at 2 mg., is synergistic with vitamin intake also. It takes 3 days or as slow as 4 or 5 days for the pain to subside taking this method.

The second cause is blood circulation an area that most people overlook as the cause of pain joints. It works this way. If a blood colloid is less then optimum (some refer to as Zeta potential, but its nothing more than watching colloidal dispersion peering over a microscope). In a perfect colloidal dispersion a blood cells do not clump together. They clump because of biofilms in the bloodstream, and it can be seen in old people around the armpits and groin area where they become unusually sticky as lymph nodes try to get rid of it. In excess these sticky biofilms created by bacteria, can also result in blood platelets to be sticky, become coagulated, or blood platelets stick to each other. There are many means of causing a blood to coagulate eating high protein drinks, eating high starch food, be body becomes metabolic acid (blood cells stick), the list goes on an on. But in any case to make the long story short, some brands of milk powder formulation that the mother takes or liquid protein tends to cause blood to thicken or coagulate. A high heavy metal in vaccines may cause blood to loose their suspensions (as in high aluminum) and loose their ability to suspend and then precipitate. So the dynamics of these blood suspensions are beyond this email. The point is to thin the blood, the method I used to keep them suspended is to take a small pinch of disodium EDTA, with abking soda to reduce the acidity. Technically it is 1/32 teasppon of disodium EDTA with 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day. The EDTA that I used is NOT calcium EDTA. That's because the EDTA if it is attached to metals inside the body, gives up calcium, which increases calcium in the blood, influence more clotting and resulting in more pain. You get the same thing taking hemorrhoidal medicine causing deep joint pain. Perhaps some mothers who has constipation and taking hemorrhoidal medicine might be wondering where all those joint pain came from. Well, if anyone reads the fine print, the hermorrhoidal medicine have extra high dose of vitamin K, often twice or more than twice more we take in vitamin K supplements. Vitamin K supplements causes blood to coagulate or clot faster in areas where circulation is obstructed, which happens to be the leg, hip and joint area. In a hemorrhoidal problems, the best way is to reduce the constipation which causes hemorrhoids from the resistance between the stool and the intestinal walls. If resistance are high you get constipation and hemorrhoids. The vitamin K coagulate the blood causing deep joint pain.

In any event to resolve this constipation 1/2 teaspoon of potassium citate with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water three times a day may relieve the condition the next day, provided no more vitamin K is taken to help as being the cause of joint pain. High protein drinks milk protein and high starch foods caused similar conditions. A very simple way, although I don't usually employ because I prefer to eliminate the cause is to simply thin the blood and reduce their coagulation and that is 250 mg of aspirin mixed with baking soda to reduce the acid dissolved in a glass of water and taken twice a day. A grape juice with twice amount of water will also reduce some blood platelets stickiness too and a person after drinking may experience lightness instead of heaviness too. That's 1/4 glass of grape juice plus 3/4 glass of water to reduce the excess sugar concentration so it doesn' t effect the blood chemistry.

The joint fluid is a simple matter, although a temporary one, in reducing resistance and hence the pain, that's simply glucosamine sulfate, taken as per directed by the package.

Lastly is the issue if infection, well for that I might use 1/8 teaspoon of borax dissolved in a liter of water and drink for a couple of days. To clear the blood of biofilms and reduce their bacteria overload of the body besides regular alkalization is the H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide 3% 10 -20 drops per liter of water, plus an optional 1/8 teaspoon of borax to eliminate certain fungus.

Obviously my favorite remedy is usually the disodium EDTA with baking soda, or a more alkaline form of EDTA as in tetrasodium EDTA to thin the blood, or if not possible to get it, I might take aspirin instead, to thin the blood and some grape juice. I will take some vitamin C, some H2O2, and maybe from time to time a borax remedy. Glucosamine sulfate I might add later if things aren't going well as in squeaky joints for example. Magnesium helps reduce some muscle pain, and the dos is magnesium chloride 500 mg or magnesium citrate, or magnesium gluconate. Excess calcium is often the cause and lack collagen in the diets too. But in any event the cause of joint problems at least in my idea is to look at four things mentioned. Remember: I get joint pains too and this is my remedy. Last but not least is to download or get cat's purr or just Solfeggio frequenccies played for about an hour can also help relax those muscles and influence healing when everything else isn't working is possible too.


Replied by JT

Dear Ted,

Thank you so much for the quick response. You are a god sent and I sincerely thank and pray for you from the bottom of my heart. I can feel my shoulder joints making a weird sound more like the joint fluid you said. I am on my second day of borax now. Can you please confirm if all of the remedies and dosage are okay while breastfeeding, I plan on breastfeeding until he is a year old or do I have to give up breastfeeding and do the remedies. My son does not take formula and is totally fed on breast milk, I am not sure how the remedies are going to affect the baby. Please advise, I will wait for your advise before starting the remedies just to make sure I will not harm the baby.

I am 36 years old and had my BoneMassDensity done and its -1.6. They advised me to take calcium supplements to improve the bone density. I have positive ANA. Do calcium supplements make it worse? How do I balance the calcium intake and in which form should I be getting the required dose of calcium so that it does not affect my health. Thanks again and I await your response to start the remedies for the joint and muscle aches.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Generally this is the remedy to help heal the condition mentioned and is generally safe as the dose mentioned here is quite low that I am aware off at least it's better than not doing anything with continuing worsening of conditions.

A breast feeding mother may need prenatal vitamins and this may handle most of the problems, along with calcium is already included anyway. A high metabolic acid, will cause the calcium to leech regardless of how much calcium is consumed. A bone mass density will improve with proper levels vitamin d, magnesium, collagen, phosphate not just calcium alone and cows don't take calcium supplements either. Taking vitamin D, but in sufiicient dose, alone will increase the blood calcium anyway. A person with general rickets the average dose is actually around 20,000 i.u. , a hypoparathyroid will require a much larger vitamin D such as 150,000 i.u. So current supplement market is inadequate and may be expected to be lower still given to Codex Alimentarius regulation that's due to begin the end of 2009 and is avoided by the mainstream media, but has strong negative repercussions in health field. The methodologies used is a flawed since given any foods a person will be malnutrition under that current guidelines and already FDA has declared B6 a drug and will continue to reduce most supplements in the marketplace by this year. So generally speaking vitamin D is already low and vitamin K is a rare item that is important in emergency situation as in severe bleeding but difficult to even purhcase them as it is.

There is one exception to the rule in that most foods calcium are actually easily available in many foods, but a proper bone formation requires two magnesium to one calcium molecules and in some cases three magnesium to one calcium molecules. Most hair mineral analysis often are quite revealing where most people will have calcium are off the charts being too high, while magnesium is non existent so the bone density is low, and has a very low bone mineral density. So obviously one has to look at other things that is found in the bone, not just the calcium. A high blood sugar can cause the bones to dissolve calcium 20 times more readily than normal blood sugar and this cause calcium leeching effect too. So the cause here is blood sugar and understainding of this cause is a direct way in dealing with the bone issue, such as 1000 mcg of chromium supplements, being the simplest and taking granulated lecithin to further help blood sugar by removing fats that tend to clog normal liver function. This two are most helpful also.

Longer term metabolic acidosis will continue to leech calcium from the bones much like acid rain on Greek statues, and to think these pH is too acid, but long term effects are there to see. Silicon supplements from horsetail are necessary for the bone formation also, and a suitable food might be oatmeal. To think that bone formation require calcium alone without regard to normal pH, phosphate, magnesium and silicon I think is a mistake. Collagen holds the bones together so proline, gelatin, knox chicken gelatin, collagen supplements are also necessary too. Getting a normal bones also require much larger dose of vitamin D if a person is not exposed to the sun.

A normal healthy person exposed to the sun produces 10,000 i.u., while our supplements are sorely low such as 1000-2500 i.u. If a person who is sick and never exposed to the sun, or sick from other conditions, the body may in fact not able to produced the required vitamin D, so the body is not a perfect vitamin factory either, given to disease and lack of sun exposure too.


Replied by Whisperingsage
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Vitamin K1 ( from greens) and vitamin K2 are two completely different vitamins, both good for their own things, but I am always amazed at the number of experts who don't know the difference. Chris Kesser has a great explanation, as Dr Weston Price discovered K2 (called it factor X) in the 1930's in his worldwide study of the healthiest people all over the world. He DID in fact compare them to other unhealthy groups nearby, and even those members that left the group healthy for work in civilization and came back with rotten teeth and degenerative diseases. And then back on the native diet, got healthy once again. His study is Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and can be found as free PDf online, from a few links, but I consider his work to be Foundational to our understanding of health across all races. And it is simply ignored.

There is one connection between vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2. Pasture fed animals get vitamin K1 from the growing live greens, they convert it in their livers to vitamin K2 and make it available to humans through animal products- milk, meat and eggs. And fish living on algae- their livers. After that, K2 is not a clotting agent or a platelet nutrient. It is a bone builder, and skeletal developer for babies and children, and remodeler of bone for adults. It can rebuild teeth, clean up cavities, provide broad healthy palate and allow full development of all teeth. People on adulterated diets are narrow and have crowded teeth, tpically have to have their wisdom teeth removed 'because there is no room", Well guess what? That's a vitamin K2 deficiency. It's NOT genetics. Price published picture after picture showing how healthy people look, broad faces, high cheekbones, all their teeth. Their canines are flat and broad like their molars. I think that's interesting. Canines are named for looking like a carnivore tooth. But yet there it is. These healthy people subsisted largely on animal products and yet their canines were very uncanine.

Replied by Maria
Canberra, Australia

THANK you whisperingsage!

I take K2 with daily 4,000 iu D3.