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Sports Injury Causing Lasting Concerns

Posted by R (NJ) on 08/13/2012

Hi Ted, During jumping jacks one of my legs gave way and my MRI says: Guild in Suprapetallar bursa, Joint effusion, Bruised bones in the medial finial plateau and medial femural condyle. Also today I felt a weird sensation I my left leg (injured one) then felt an electric current in my left hand and my veins in my left hand looked very swollen but my knee and leg seemed to be rather relax aft that?? What would you recommend as I have lost the confidence to walk. I'm very active and fell at the gym. Right now confined to my wheelchair any cures or exercises would help!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Faster healing would be possible for the bones with 1000 mg x 4 lysine, 1000 mg x 4 of vitamin c, vitamin d 10000 iu, and magnesium citrate 100 mg. Some aloe vera juice once or twice a day if it is only the bones. To heal some, alkalizing after meals such as with baking soda with lime helps. If the area is inflamed (such as bruise, or pain felt) then you may need to take curcumin 5 times a day, at 250 mg if possible, or at least tumeric of much larger quantities. Ted"

08/13/2012: R replies: "Quick question, Ted. I forgot to mention I'm in vitamin c 2000 daily plus glucosamine (1500mg) daily w msm. and chondroitin should I replace this by the vitamin D dosage you suggested or would it react with the Lysine?