Severe Insomnia for 10 Years, Help!

Posted by Kathleen (Southwick, Ma, Usa) on 07/04/2010

Dear Ted,
A few months ago I consulted an "internal enviromentalist" trained at the Dr.Young school (phmiracle). I felt like I was dying, and over the past 10 years have tried every Dr/healer depleting the little $ I have from my paycheck to paycheck job. We looked at my blood, live and dry. She saw yeast and a double coast line, meaning I have no buffer, which explains my osteo pinia. she reccomends salt, montmorillonite raw clay,powered greens,ph drops, soy sprout powder and 4 liters of disstilled water(with mineral salt and ph) a day. I am 56 yrs old. I've been on the alkalizing diet (for the most part,) I've lost 5 lbs. Yea! and would feel so much better If my main problem were solved. Insomnia.
I'm so grateful to have found this site. So far I've tried oil pulling, oxygen therapy, acv.
As you can see I'm very confused. 1st my symptoms, then I'll ask questions (sorry this is so long, it's my 1st time.) insomia (bad, thelast10 years, I still have to get going to work, sleep or not to support myself and son) take up to 4 mg of ativan for this and anxiety. I also suffer from depprssion (but very little when i get enough sleep). I have hoshimotto's thyroiditist- take 5o mg thyroid, from my natual path. asteopinia, frbromyalia (better with diet) acidosis (better with diet), candia(i hope it's getting better), cronic sinis infections.

questions: Any suggestion on why i don't sleep like a normal person?

This has ruined my life. Also my live blood cells were not moving when we viewed them. She said I was tired. I read on this site that L-Arginnie 500mg and L-Glutamine 500mg helped someone sleep. Would that help me . Out of money or i would just give it a shot. Here'a a clue I don't know the answerr to: on christmas eve we had a dinner of mashrd potaoes with lots of butter whipped in them and shrimp. I could not stay awake afterwards. Potatoes have helped some times but not always.
2. Will acv, baking soda or hydrogenperoxide make your hair fall out can these treatments be combined?
3.Why does oil pulling have to be done on an empty stomach?
4. Do you have to wait 4 hour after taking acv/bs to use hydrogenperoxide spray?
5.I forgot to mentio the scarriest thing of all kidney pain from taking pm tylonal - how to treat?
6. memory - real bad from ativan and sleeplessness
My sincere THANKS for this site.
Love and light, Kathleen

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Kathleen:

1. Any suggestion on why i don't sleep like a normal person?
A person can be deficient in certain electrolytes (e.g. potassium), lack of alkalization (acid brain try sodium citrates), excess intracellular calcium (e.g. too much calcium in the diet from potatoes), lack of iodine, low NAD in krebs cycle (try B3 niacinamide). I have all sorts of people not being able to sleep but all of them are now doing just fine (or perhaps Thai people are healthier here). The remedies to try are as follows, rank in order of importance, but do NOT try them all at once!

1. B3 niacinamide, 500 to 1000 mg before sleep.
2. Lugol's iodine solution 2 drops before sleep in a cup of water.
3. Sodium citrate and potassium citrate (technical name trisodium citrate and potassium citrate). 1/2 teaspoon of each.
4. Acetyl L Carnitine 500 to 1000 mg.

As for arginine and glutamine, this may help sleep, provided that your immune systems are down and lack muscle tone (mucular atrophy) or after a long bout of sickness (you get glutamine deficiency).

Most people will have high anxiety level and that's why B3 goes in the top. As far as depression is concerned, two common supplements can help, which is B3 500 mg and 1/2 teaspoon of amino acid supplements. It takes effect within about 35-50 minutes. For someone, who said the B3 and amino made the worse (in few cases), then the iodine drops will do it. Usually a lugol's solution 2 - 6 drops, usually 2-4 drops being the most reasonable dose. I had someone with a severe chronic fatigue (from Morgellon's disease) and that was helped with Acetyl L carnitine. As far as the pH guru of alkalizing, I don't tend to follow them as people with certain serious conditions, usually I have found the ideal pH at least for the urine to be exactly 7, works generally the best, below that its never helpful. I believe the urine pH has to be between 7 - 7.35 to get people to sleep. I have seen one women who has a bad digestive system (lack of stomach acid to digest meats and had switched to vegetarian) had to take Hydrochloric acid drops with each meal (with methylene blue) to help the energy level during the day. For depression, I have defined them as people with global brain function to be below energy level, sometimes caused by viral, which is helped when taking some drops of clove oil, plus acetyl l carnitine with alpha lipoic acid.

An acid brain is a condition where the acidity of the brain runs high, causing restlessness. The acidity is often caused by neurological damage, which prevents the pH in the brain from correcting that. I had a Romanian professor suffering from lack of sleeplessness, referred to as astenia, which is a condition of chronic fatigue combined with inability to sleep after a skiing accident which damaged his brain. The cure for him was a simple one, 1/2 teaspoon of sodium carbonate, plus potassium citrate to reduce the kidney irritation or pain caused by the sodium carbonate, so the potassium citrate is added at roughly 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon. So the professor liked it so much, I believed high bought about 5 kilos of sodium carbonate! That did the trick and he was completely cured. As for some other people 1 teaspoon of baking soda before sleep helped with one person in Pattaya after having trouble sleeping for 10 years. I have another Thai Restaurant owner (Sukhothai Restaurant) who was helped getting her to sleep just taking between 2-4 drops of lugol's solution, after reporting inability to sleep with B3 500 mg and glycine. As for lack of energy I believe it's much due to lack of B3, acetyl L carnitine, and alpha lipoic acid. Too much virus in the system can make you not sleep either, so for those with this kind of problem, (virus is usually non detectable, but they will always respond to lysine). The lysine dose is taken hourly at 1500 mg hourly dose for 4 doses before sleep. By the time you reach your 4th dose, you will likely sleep easier. As for my mother with a sleep problem, will that's a diabetic sleeplessness. Usually that's helped with a single aspirin 500 mg, taken before sleep, or just 500 mg of niacinamide B3 (not niacin). As for depression, a low state of energy could also be linked to low magnesium level and vitamin B50 to help sleep. Any imbalance in the system will create "stress" which prevents you from sleeping. So this imbalance that create the stress has to be removed. It is easy if you were in Bangkok to find out, but since your not hear, I just list the ones that I have had a few experience concerning lack of sleep. As for the christmas sleep, potatoes contain a lot of calcium so that's not going to work as it cause excessive calcium into the cell, thus weakening them and killing off the mitochondrial when calcium reaches intracellularly. I think it was the butter, or perhaps the tryptophan that may respond to better. The dose for tryptophan is around 1000 to 2000 mg.

2. As for ACV with baking soda this will help sleep provided that you have low energy levels always and you wake up in the middle of night with low energy and inability to sleep once waken. As for hydrogen peroxide taken internally, this may help sleep provided that they are viral in nature, but lysine is the preferred method of helping sleep by killing off the virus! A combination ACV, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide don't mix because peroxide will react with the organic component of ACV, just cancelling them somewhat, and also using peroxide over extended period of time is not practical unless we deal directly with viral/bacteria issue first.

3.why does oil pulling have to be done on an empty stomach?
Usually oil pulling is done in the morning and that happens to be on an empty stomach. Also, in a few cases oil pulling may pull down one's immune system and if stomach is not empty, your immune system are also down. Food in your stomach tends to weaken your immune system because they require a lot of energy to digest the stomach. Hence, for oil pulling to work the best without problems, it's often done on an empty stomach.

4. Do you have to wait 4 hour after taking acv/bs' to use hydrogenperoxide spray?
Not necessarily. I believe that 1 hour apart is fine so that they don't cancel out each other.

5. I forgot to mention the scariest thing of all kidney pain from taking pm tylenol - how to treat?

I have too many cases of people with kidney function down to zero (now on dialysis) caused by the chronic use of pain killer, especially paracetamol (e.g. tylenol, and other similar drugs). To treat that is just to avoid them. Maybe irreversible with kidney damage. I am currently trying to find a cure for renal disease, but I believe, is not likely can be reversed if chronic use of any pain killers are used. They tend to kill the kidney, but paracetamol is most well known with liver damage, but it will get to the kidney thereafter.

6.memory - real bad from ativan and sleeplessness
I generally never use any sleeping pills everyone I know here got their sleep even without sleeping pills, and even pain killers. For memory, I would just take 2-4 mg of hydergine, plus 800-1600 mg of piracetam for 5 days out of a week or 6 days out of a week.

The lack of blood movement is an interesting one, maybe low on digestive enzyme or low on stomach hydrochloric acid, or the use of supplements that reduces the intracellular calcium. To reduce intracellular calcium, I might try 1000 mg of taurine, sodium citrate, potassium citrate and some magnesium chloride.