Could a Germanium Deficiency Cause Severe Insomnia?

Posted by Paula (Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada) on 03/27/2013

Dear Ted, I had a hair analysis and it shows that I am deficient in Germanium. I would like to know if this deficiency is the cause for my severe insomnia. Is Germanium needed for us to function? Thank you Ted. Paula

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Germanium means some hypoxia may exist while sleeping that leads to waking up maybe from sleep apnea or lack of oxygen. But mostly the cause of sleeplessness is deficiencies of B12 (1000 mcg taken at night) and B3 (between 500 mg to 1000 mg) in form of niacinamide, and maybe severe magnesium deficiencies which causes sweating, or nightmares or cramps. Sleep apnea may be sign of being overweight, hypoxia (from excess acidity as body requires alkalinity from sleep), or low glutathione. The problem about hair mineral analysis is it only checks your minerals, and yes germanium is one of them, but hair mineral deficiencies does not check electrolytes (major ones are magnesium and potassium, especially with constipation which leads to sleeplessness too). High blood sugar can cause sleeplessness due to late meals, and stress can lead to high blood sugar that leads to cardiovascular problems as it is converted to fat cells from fruit consumption in the liver. The liver is like a supermarket, if you get too much liver buildup this leads to insufficient blood supply to the heart.


Replied by Paula
Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada

Dear Ted thank you so much for replying to my questions. I really appreciate your help. I am already taking magnesium, taurine, B3 niacinamide, 5-htp, vit D3 before bed. Before b breakfast I take Femaprin vitex extract and after breakfast I take GTF Chromium, multi-vitamin, kelp, selenium yeast probiotic.

After lunch and dinner I take evening primrose oil. Do you think this is okay or is it too much? What do you recommend to increase glutathione? I just want to mention that I eat health and I don't eat dairy or wheat. I feel a lot of anxiety inside for no reason. I love your work and I enjoy reading your comments.

Thank you, Paula

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

low progesterone would cause estrogen dominance and that would cause tension. A little dab and I sleep like a baby... Research by Ob/gyn John Lee