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How Long to Take Baking Soda Water

Posted by AD

Thanks for all this great info! A few more question if you don't mind. How long do you think I would have to take Baking soda water in order to control the acidity? Why is my body unable to control excess acid? Is there a specific form of Borax that I would use? Have you ever used Hydrogen Peroxide internally (diluted of course) or a hydrogen peroxide bath? One last thing. My hives seem to be acting the same way everyday. I get up in the morning and have hives. I shower and they start to go away fairly quickly. I take some different meds during the day and I was see a lot of improvement during the day. Then at about 8-9pm, no matter what I do, the hives comes back. Is there any reason for getting the hives back at night? Is there something the body always does at night like release toxins or something?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Hives are easy for me to handle, at least just for me only. It is the magnesium and zinc supplements I take as well as getting the urine pH to 7 with baking soda. Sometimes if the body is deficient, than it is the molybdenum or the vitamin B complex. The cause for my hive is from either sulfa drugs antibiotics, or the deficiency of minerals mentioned. Although my case may be in a minority, it works for me. Certain other supplements mentioned in last email were also helpful.

The urine pH is often acid near the early evening hours since the body's need for oxygen increases. Therefore if that happens, taking baking soda 1/4 teaspoon 2-3 hours before the hives strikes may help. Magnesium 250 mg and zinc acetate (or zinc gluconate) 50 mg supplements may help too. Vinegar applied to the skin may also reduce the hives. Generally hives will reduce if the body is sufficiently alkaline as the body endotoxin is too high and it becomes autotoxic, and hence the condition of the hives. Getting more frequent bowel movements will reduce the endotoxins too. The other issue that may help is to reduce heavy metal loads such as chlorella supplements.

Actually the meds usually initially kill the bacteria but makes it worse once the meds are stopped as meds are acid forming and seems to cause hives indirectly. Sulfa drugs (found in antibiotics) caused me to go into extreme hives by the way from frequent use. They also bring the body into vitamin B complex deficiency and molybdenum, which are helpful to protect against fungus, which may also lead to hives.

The shower reduces the hives because the chlorine basically destroys them, temporarily but will come back worse since chlorine are acid forming, and not quite healthy. Perhaps magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia) applied to the skin will kill or at least reduce the hives. Those can be purchased from a local drug store and quite cheap and worth a try.

The reason why the body is basically acid is our dietary preferences for acid forming foods, such as sugar, fructose, salami, ham, white flour, fast food, soda pop, coffee, meats, etc. The alkaline foods are in a minority which are vegetables and sometimes fresh fruits. As a result of this imbalance there is a need to take more vegetables and baking soda to reduce the excess acidity. Most diets are in fact acid forming.

Replied by Sunshine
Knoxville, TN

I, too have recurring night hives. I have tried everything I could think of- changing detergents, dustmite prevention and treatment, lotions, rinsing them with alcohol or antibiotic ointments, herbal remedies, OTC and Rx anti-inflamatories and antihistamines...

Showering, for me, does not seem to help reduce irritation or itching, except while I am in there and as long as the water isn't too hot. Hot water actually increases the itching. I have also noticed it is mainly on my legs and bikini area (anywhere I might shave). So I tried changing soap, razors, and shaving creams to no avail. I am still loking for an effective treatment... Taking suggestions!