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Suggest Some Remedies for Chronic Hives on Skin

Posted by Jacqueline (Melbourne, Australia) on 11/14/2006

A friend of mine suffers form chronic hives on her skin. These appear on a daily basis & seem to be stress related. What can you recommend?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jacqueline: Stress related chronic hives are often due to the body's imbalance of hormones, adrenal exhaustion and immune suppression. Immune suppression occurs when stress happens. Reducing stress is obvious. Common remedies for adrenal exhaustion includes taking licorice extract one tablespoon a day.

Immunity can be raised by taking additional zinc supplements or iodine painting on the feet three days per week. Hormone imbalance can be corrected somewhat by taking vitamin B complex, in particular vitamin B5, panthenol or pantothenic acid. Finally, chronic hives is a condition of endotoxin buildup which can be relieved greatly by normalizing the pH. Take a minimum of 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus one half glass of water once in the morning and once before bedtime.

Take more if you have to until your pH is within normal range, such as 6.5-7.0 Most hives can be lessened with alcohol, the more the alcohol content the better. Lavender will also reduce hives when applied to skin. A copper chloride solution of 2% can be applied too, but may cause green tinge, temporarily but you need to apply this as often.

The three most important things to reduce hives, at least for me, is getting urinary pH to normal, stop eating all sweets and this includes fruits, avoid fried foods, and take zinc supplements, preferably zinc acetate, but never zinc sulfate or zinc oxide.

Replied by Cass
Bakersfield, Ca

I have chronic uticaria that was once considered to be due to stress but is no longer due to that. The first time I had them it lasted two years and tried two prescriptions that did not help as well as not finding cause. They did stop though. After two years they reappeared and were worse. Doctors again were unable to figure them out and tried claritin. Zyrtec. Allegra. And one other script. Also tried benadryl which did help reduce at times. With my own research. Testing. And observation of my body I have found that I am allergic to polyester and that is the cause of the hives. Since removal of polyester from closet bed and room the hives are almost always gone unless accidental connection for extended period of time.

Replied by Irene
New York

I have suffered from chronic hives for 15 years and at some point decided there was nothing I could do about it and basically have been itching and hiding my welted skin and medicating with zyrtec which does provide relief sometimes.

Then I found earthclinic and after digging through all the great advice I decided to actively combat these hives. For the past week I've been taking Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day and taking a 500mg lysine vitamin. I've rubbed castor oil and baby oil on my skin and the itch goes away. I'm not sure which one of these variables it is but it's amazing how much my hives have improved using these natural remedies! Try them!