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Graves Help: Lack of Energy and Losing Hair

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 07/09/2011


Im new to EarthClinic Anyhow I've had hyperthyriod and Graves and low adrenal.. ...BUT what is weird to me is that I'm always tired! my mind and body is not racing, and I am gaining weight???? is that weird???? I have lost some hair on my head...which my scalp get's all weird when I don't wash my hair within 3 days....? my scalp gets itchy all over and then if I go to brush it without the washing of my hair then a lot more hair falls out.....BUT IF I wash it every day or 2 it still sheds just much less? I'm for sure stressed from all this plus the 3 toddlers I have! I dont have he eye thing! but have the shakyness and the heart feeling like its going fast or slow ?? heart does something abnormal! I always feel sleepy, memory is very bad, I keep gaining more n more weight?? something is off with me? Its like I have some opposite symptoms like Half hyper Half Hypo? and what does not make sense is like 5-6 years ago had a test and this one Doc said I was all of a suden 2 different docs said im hyper? whats going on? I need some input from you or anyone lol Im confused. So far I started taking Fish oil, Probiotics, Vit C, Magnesium, selenium, Thyriod suppliment's, I want to take this mushroom drops I bought, I started taking resveratrol , ugh BUT im not very consistant....that's how tired I am I'm to lifeless to walk to the kitchen and take all the vitamins even if I took them all at once. So I skip taking them or forget at times! So cant tell you if its helping all the way! BUT will force myself from now on! IS that a lot to take? I even want to take the aloe vera I bought liquid form, honestly It depresses me to have to cook for my husband and kids! To be honest I get depressed or dread making food for my family! or even taking a shower! Cause I then have to dry myself, brush my hair, get dressed etc lol I was never like this! I've always been a girl who is fun, happy, and full of life and energy and always looking nice!? So what am I asking you lol I don't know anymore....just wanting any advice I suppose lol Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You should have your mineral status checked, like hair mineral analysis. The one mineral that I have found to helped is magnesium, the other is the fungus issue or viral, is infecting your thyroid glands. The condition can swing easily from hyperthyroid to hypothyroid very easily it has to do with fungus and mineral imbalance. You're right in selenium supplements, but magnesium will slow down the heart rate. Too much phosphates in the diet can also do it. it is found in meats but also fungus loves phosphates and thrives, so you can get both racing heart and adrenal fatigue. Things that will slow down metabolism is 1 or 2 mg of lithium carbonate, B3 niacinamide and B1. Check you copper zinc ratio it is abnormal. The best I could say is to get hair mineral analysis. Too much selenium without vitamin E will create problems.