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Terrible Cramping and Lower Abdomin Pain

Posted by Shelli on 08/22/2007

Ted, I have been OP for about a week and also started ACV and drink Aloe Vera (6oz) every morning. I have had TERRIBLE cramping and lower abdomin pain and gas. What is the case of this is OP or AVC? I have GERD and I'm 45 weight 288lbs. Thank you, Shelli .. Ted, I probably should have mentioned I do not have a gallbladder. Could this be why I maybe cannot process the oil and I do not eat alot of fried or greasy foods anymore.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Shelli: The gallbladder is a vital organ to allow the body to process oils. Without this the body cannot function as the liver gets congested of fatty liver much easier. As such, granulated lecithin of at least 1/2 to 1 tablespoon should be mixed with all food and foods should generally be minimum oils otherwise the liver will get damaged and become fatty and non-functional. The reason why gallbladder becomes a problem and have to be removed is in my personal opinion is from excess oily foods, as well as lack of bicarbonates. The gallbladder performs these functions as well and it is why baking soda (and some potassium bicarbonate) and lecithin should be added to reduce gall bladder damages. Excess calcium in our food can also lead to problems too. The gallbladder issue as to why it is damaged is usually due to improper diets and removal of it is not a really a good long term solution. Therefore, oil pulling may be CONTRAINDICATED in event the person does not have a gallbladder.