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Where to Find Lycopodium Plillule?

Posted by Anne on 04/01/2008

Hello, I recently read feedback on the earth clinic web site about a cure for bloating . I have an excessive problem with bloating. The second anything touches my stomach, I bloat. =(

I was wondering where I can go to purchase LYCOPODIUM PILLULE? Please help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Anne:

LYCOPODIUM PILLULE is usually obtained from a homeopathic pharmacy. A simple way to reduce fluid retention is simply to avoid white bread, bologna, white flour, fried food, meats, aspartame, chlorine and fluoride. Then I will drink plenty of green tea and eat some pomegranate, in case I can't get LYCOPODIUM PILLULE from a local homeopath. Fluid retention is usually the metabolic acidosis and some baking soda and potassium citrate( 1/2 teaspoon plus 1/4 teaspoon ) in 1/2 glass of water helps. Adding some dechlorinator (usually available at fish aquarium) made of sodium thiosulfate, will neutralize the chlorine in the body and cause the body to retain less water. In the short run, milk of magnesia, laxative helps, with possible exception that if the body is too acid, a laxative may not work, in which case taking some alkaline remedies mentioned may help. Even low dose lithium carbonate about 2-5 mg before sleep, helps, but this is 1/10 of what doctors give people for other condition, in which case lithium reduces sodium retention. It is often that hormonal imbalance could also lead to bloating and sometimes taking plenty of sodium ascorbate vitamin C, such as 5000-10000 mg will also do the job too by causing some laxative effect reducing the water buildup, but by alkalizing and the antioxidant that comes from vitamin C may restore glandular imbalances also.