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8 Year Old Daughter with Bloating and Constipation

Posted by S. (USA) on 02/12/2015

Hello Ted,

I heard you were in an accident, then heard on house arrest. Please confirm that you are well. I have followed some of your remedies and they work! I can't thank you enough.

My 8 yr old is bloated a lot. Her tummy is distended at times. She sucks her thumb, has an overbite and cant chew her food completely. Her stool is delayed and is either flat or hard round little balls. We have tried prune juice, Swedish bitters, polyethylene glycol, peppermint and gas relief drops.

Any suggestions? I hope you feel better.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes, better now but constant police surveillance every day and my pictures being shown in my neighborhood isn't helping make things easier, even if it happened over a year ago. Sounds like 1984. So whenever I go to my house I sneak in lest be caught by police and be in jail and no bail. Apparently they hired a fake witness to file charges. Helping people be better is a crime apparently. I don't know how long I keep doing this!

Your daughter has a simple B6 deficiencies and some potassium deficiencies. To make matters worse she doesn't chew foods, which make the stomach difficult to digest and doesn't poop easily. Take B6 with each meals and put food in blender should solve most problems. Ted

Replied by S.

I hope things are improved for you Ted.

I also wanted to add that my daughter has a constant mucous plug in the throat and every morning she has to spit up. Mucous is whitish. She is over her ideal weight and is constantly looking for starchy snacks. If this helps with the previous question please advise. In the meantime I will add potassium and B6. She has no fever or cold.

Stay well. Susan

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand

Well stay away from snacks and starch is making the mucus. N acetyl cysteine should reduce mucus. Taken before sleep and no fried foods.


Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

Hi Ted,

Are you able to move some place else where you won't be harrassed? Is there any way we can help you?

Replied by Meral


You are a highly educated man. As a family, we adore you. When we heard that you were arrested, we could not have believed. You are an unselfish and a very generous person. Without charging one cent, you are sharing your million dollars knowledge and wisdom with the desperate ones who did not have any solution in commercial medicine world which is the biggest mafia in human history. Ted, you are our treasure! You changed the health of many sick people. We are praying for you. May Almighty God bless you and protect you to be with us all your life.