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Interconnected Health Problems?

Posted by Ann (Bowling Green, KY) on 01/27/2008

Ted- Your research if amazing. Thank you. . . I have a series of problems. I was very healthy and active until 24 when I had a very strange paralizing pain in my back that would come and go. In short it was caused by fibroid tumor, the only option my o.b. gave me was to take a lupron-depo shot that took me from a size 2 to a 10 and make me go through menapause. The tumor came back as soon as the shot wore off and it is three years later and I am chronically tired and still a size 8 no matter what I do. I have had a miscarraige, shingles twice in 3 months and any bug that is going around. I am trying the acv and baking soda and it seems to help me with my shingles, but I am concerned about my tumor as well and want to try the black strap molasses but I don't know when I should take all of these things because I don't want them to interact and make one or the other less effective. I used to be able to run five miles and have loads of energy and now I can't run for 5 min because I am always sick. I only drink filtered water, even my shower is filtered, I eat fish hardly any red meat, I eat organic milk, eggs and yogurt. I don't know what else to do. Please help me, I want my life back.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The conditions appear to be multiple problems, shingles, tumor, and lack of energy. The only linking I can see is that the neural systems which regulate immunity and energy level, are not functioning like it should. Tumour is linked if the neural system is impaired in allowing the body's immune response to reduce the tumor. It is linked to energy level but it should be noted that 80% of the oxygen is required by just the brain. So if the brain doesn't receive the proper oxygen, the other systems would also lack energy. Certain virus, especially the general viral load, reduces energy to the body as the cells devote more energy to produce more viruses, and hence, lowers the cells dedicated to energy level, but since immune system response, which is largely control by the neural systems are subdued, the immune systems response is also low. Immune system doesn't work independently but also works together from the brain's command centers. There was a German scientist who was able to show that cancer, based on 10,000 CAT scans, he was able to pinpoint the location of the cancer based on tiny brain damage area of the brain. Hence, it appears nutrition which supports the brain function, such as Omega 3, fish oil, evening primrose oil and especially flaxseed oil are helpful since a large portion of the these nutrients are required by the brain. The second thing the brain requires is the lecithin, which helps with myelin sheath development, also required by the brain. I have found amazingly enough that immune system were helped greatly whenever Nootropil (a form l-pyroglutamate) and hydergine, taken together, often referred to as smart drugs. So if the smart drugs, the ones that I have found to be useful were taken along with vitamin B complex, twice a week, might be helpful. Both L-Carnosine (500 mg) and L-Glutathione (500 mg) are important in detoxifying the brain, while L-Carnosine is useful in reducing heavy metals in the brain. Whenever metals are reduce in the brain, the metabolism is increased as free radicals of the metals reduced, allowing cells to be free to function normally. While L-Carnitine (250 mg) are helpful in burning sugar to help with some energy level the B complex is also synergistic, which B50 is the ones I used.

Zinc gluconate 50 mg, usually a couple of times a week should further help reduce the shingles, but ideally 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (when mixed with ACV) is taken twice a day in 1/2 glass of water at least. Zinc will help reduce the shingles, but I have found that magnesium supplement is also helpful, but it is best to deal with topical applications of zinc chloride (about 5%) and magnesium chloride 10% solution applying it every hour for a day should stop shingles within a day or two.

The lecithin supplements I will take, at least one tablespoon a day on an empty stomach, which is usually in the morning, and quite possibly before an early dinner.

To reduce weight, the portion of proteins in diets should be increased to 80% of the food intake, while healthy fats should be observed. The omega 6 is found in chicken meat, eaten whole, while omega 3 can be received from fish diets, which is also a high protein diet. Most of our weight gain are actually from sugar, starches, and excess use of vegetable oil. Vegetable oils go quickly into the bloodstream, which tends to disrup normal hormonal signals which controls weight and metabolism. Some whey protein and soy protein in the morning is helpful. Also eating a very early dinner with no food therefafter during evening should be helpful in reducing the weight.

It should be noted tumors should be helped mostly from by alkalization, but also from lecithin, omega 3, flaxseed oil, and zinc supplements. If the iodine status is low, tumor is also possible as iodine also raises the body's immune system especially the thyroid. In certain virus or fungus, they tend to suppress thyroid function, causing lack of energy too. The supplements to help there is often Kelp which is high in iodine.