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Posted by V on 03/31/2008

Dear Ted:

I emailed you last week about my condition, If you can get back to me ASAP, I need to know a answer to my problem, I have several doctor appointments coming up very soon, and I need your input, I have firbroid tumors, and I don't want to get any surgery, I have a polyn which the doctors want to do a DNC to remove the polyn, I wanted to know because I started Black Strap Molasses on Monday of this week, I take four tablespoons a day, with about six to seven glasses of water, also I have two enlarged cyst on my left ovaries,and a enlarged fallapon tube with bleed in it, I need to know if BSM with help to solve all of these problems, if any, I have the cramps, the heavy bleeding, the blood clots, the ad. pain, and whatever else sumptions come with fibroid tumors. The doctors want to remove the fibroid tumors and the polyn very soon, but do you know of ANY, HERBS that can help me.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Sorry, been having computer problems on spyware, and just finished getting rid of it today. The best emergency remedy for fibroid tumors are 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (washing soda) in 1/2 glass of water taken usually three times a day. Most fibroid tumors, at least for me, is fungus caused, and alkalizing using what scientist called "carbicarb" is a more effective remedy for such as case, at least in prevention of further expansion. Certain diets should be avoided, in particular are aspartame, fluorine, and chlorine. The body must be alkaline but it takes two weeks for achieve sufficient alkalizing needed. A lugol's Iodine about 5 drops in a glass of water could help. Black strap molasses would not help a lot at least in the initial phases and alkalizing is most important. The second most important is the hydrogen peroxide 3% remedy such that 1/2 teaspoon - 1 teaspoon of H2O2 3% in a glass of water taken twice a day to neutralize whatever the chemical toxins causing the cancer problem. Alkalization generally should be taken in the long run. However, fibroid is very much fungus, and in the long run, rather than the above emergency first aid of borax and selenium may do a better job in ridding of the fungus. The borax remedy only after proper alkalizing for about a week or two is what I would do, such as 1/8 teaspoon of borax added to the one liter of drinking water. I might take once a week deep sea salt (from aquarium shops), such as 1 teaspoon in one glass water. This is the basic remedy at least to reduce the size of the tumor, but my experience has been it takes about 3 weeks to notice any reduction. What I do know is that in one case the fibroid tumor was reduced relatively quickly with a flaxseed oil one tablespoon plus lecithin twice a day. I suspect a lot of tumors forming throughout the body has a brain trauma (based on CAT scan studies) and in any event, hydergine 1-2 mg and l-pyroglutamate 500 mg may further help, but a simple granulated lecithin also helps with the myelin sheaths, as is some sodium ascorbate vitamin C. Hope this helps! If any problem write me another email.