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Iridology Readings

Posted by Jane on 03/07/2009

Dear Ted,

... I now realize that the brown area around my pupil is not the nerve ring but I think the autonomic nerve wreath. I think the brownness indicates a liver or colon sluggishness. So that's why I'm glad to learn about sodium thiosulfate and how to use it as a liver tonic. Also I am just beginning to learn about niacin and that I probably need it.

Thank you,


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You mean Iridology. Well the pupils reflect the body's location of health yes. A sluggish colon is what causes high blood pressure, bought on by constipation, or low stomach acid or both. Constipation is lack of alkalisation and potassium especially. A sluggish colon is both - lack of stomach acid and lack of alkalinity. This is mentioned before that betaine HCl will help digesting taken along with food only, or with enzymes. The baking soda and especially potassium will normalize bowel movements.

A sodium thiosulfate clears the liver of oxidative toxins, mostly chemical and toxic wastes. A lecithin helps remove hydrophobic toxins, but a sodium thiosulfate and hydrogen peroxide drops can't be use with each other, they cancel out each other. But the nice thing about hydrogen peroxide is it neutralizes accumulative pesticides inside our body, such as the widely use permethrin based insecticides as well as other chemical residues as in antibiotics. The sodium thiosulfate will neutralize other things, so both can be used, but at different times one hour or more apart so they don't neutralize each other. I prefer two hour or more as the best times, but absolute minimum is one hour.