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Posted by Kathy on 04/05/2010

my husband's psa count is up to 7.3 from 6.5 last year they want to do another biopsy. He passed out from the first biopsy and vomited for several hours afterward and bleed for about 4 hours off and on. What remedies does Ted suggest? I know the people were saying molasses how much and soda and vinegar or lemon and what else should I give him please forward this to Ted from Bangkok.

I have lupus and its in my kidneys and I have been staying in remission and maybe too, he can give me some suggestions.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Cathy:

I have had some successes with the use of bloodroot tincture, prepared using the ethanol alcohol (ethyl alcohol is the same alcohol found in vodka). The bloodroot powders are prepared from dried powder and is put into a alcohol solution. The powder is 25% and 75% alcohol with frequent shaking three times a day over about 1 week for a proper tincture solution. It's used in drops. It's taken at 15 drops 8 times a day for about 2 weeks before noticing PSA reduction.

As for a modified form of Budwig, it's prepared using granulated lecithin in place of cottage cheese and is added 2: 1, granulated lectihin 2 parts and well mixed with 1 part of flaxseed. It's taken at 3-4 teaspoon three times a day.

Part of the problem of bleeding, is usually taken care with 100 mcg of vitamin K on first day 100 x 3, thereafter for about 3 or 4 days is taken at 100 mcg vitamin K and is discontinued when bleeding stops.

To raise the body's immune system, for the lupus and prostate cancer, a common modified approach I have adopted is 1/4 teaspoon borax in liter of drinking water and plenty of baking soda, which is to get the urine pH to 7. The dose may vary for person to person but it seems lupus you need to take enough just to get urine pH to be close to 7. Technically baking soda can go as high at 6.8, or 6.5 pH. However a trisodium citrate is much more efficient and can be raised to 7 to 7.35 rather easily, with increase dose, but not for baking soda. However getting above 6.5 should reasonably control the lupus. The alkaline remedy is preferably taken 30 minutes after every meal. It's never taken before a meal because you will have a stomach cramps, caused by increase in stomach acid before a meal and it cannot handle the alkaline that crashes with the stomach acid. Hence, it has no problem if taken 30 minutes after meal and the body need it during that stage.

Most problems I have with prostate cancer is that after they are treated and corrected, they disappear into the sunset, after a reduction in PSA. It should be noted that cancer tumor markers are very poor measure of degree of cancer, because the numbers tend to initially go up after any form of cancer remedy, before it disappears, even though there clear improvement in patient's symptoms.