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Digestion Is Completely Off

Posted by Lina (Brisbane, Australia) on 01/27/2012

Hi! Oh dear, oh dear! Desperately need some help. 2 1/2 years ago my neck was "put in" by an orthopedic surgeon. A few days later my nervous system went crazy..... Heart palps, night sweats, nervousness, loss of hair, muscles in my neck seized up and all my back muscles went hard as wood. My stomach retaliated and I found I couldn't eat anything. 6 months later I had major sleep problems.

Anyway it took a long time, but I managed to calm my system down but I am still fighting something in my body and I have no idea what it is. I still have big problems with muscle tension so that I can't do any sport and haven't been able to since the neck adjustment. Not only do I have the chronic muscle tension but my digestion has never been "quite right". I also have a tense feeling in my whole stomach region. I always have a lot of gas in the stomach/small intestines. Stool... Always soft and often with undigested food and it smells sour. I still have nights where I just do not sleep..... At all! I feel there definitely has to be a connection between the 2 problems as well as the tension I have in the shoulders and neck. I haven't been able to turn my head properly for years without pain. I also have the feeling I have alot of liquid in my intestines. Some days there is so much swishing of fluid in my stomach (worse in the mornings) that it sounds weird when I breathe in and out and. I really have tried almost everything and have been to countless osteopaths, chiropractors, homeopaths etc etc but everyone has told me different things but absolutely nothing has helped me be symptom free.

I came across your amazing website and am a big believer that there is someone who could read my problems and help me. I had my stomach checked.... All ok.... Colon... All ok. No allergies found although I do have hayfever and react to some fruits. I have been told that I have numerous intolerances. I went off almost everything eating only potatoes for awhile, but even this didn´t help. I am really running out of energy and would appreciate some help.

After reading your website I tried ACV but my digestion seems to have gotten even worse .... Almost totally undigested now, couldn't sleep last night and am unbelievably thirsty although I drink loads. Please help!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Magnesium chloride 7 drops a day before meals will get heart palpitations normal. As for the digestion, I found DHEA 25 mg taken at night (it relieves stress) caused by digestion issues, and melatonin 5 mg with meals 3 times a day, and melatonin 10 mg at night will help digestion as the major melatonin is produced by digestive tract, not the pineal glands. Chapparal, curcumin and red clove also further help the intestinal inflammation.