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Nothing Works After Years of Trying!

Posted by Karin (Munich, Germany) on 10/09/2006

Dear Ted, My sister has had for years extremely dark circles around her eyes and has done anything to make it disappear. Pls advise. Thank you, Karin from Germany

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Karin: This is a tough one, my achilles heal is cosmetic cures!

Dark circles under the eyes: is the issue of congestion, micro damaged capillaries, and oxidative build up that the body cannot rid itself.

When congestion occurs an imbalance sets in causing toxic buildup, which again can come from constipation, lack of sleep, doing desk jobs, and anything that would promote congestion. The cure is obvious, stop congestion by promoting circulation, reduce toxic buildup, and provide the body with nutrients needed for healing of damaged tissues!

1. Promoting Circulation. There are several ways to promote circulation that will reduce congestion. I get away from my desktop computer and point my head looking up 90 degrees and stay there for a couple of seconds.

When I do this the circulation congestion buildup flows back into the body. There are several critical points which bring up congestion, first is facial massage around the sinus and the neck area below the ear where circulations needs to be drained.

The other possibility is to do a neck exercise, slowly of course, nodding forward, backwards, left, and finally right, three to four times each. Then circle your neck counterclockwise a couple of times slowly again then clockwise a couple of times. This will really help. The secret is to do it SLOWLY, and do as often as you like. No limitations. It helps with the neck and top back pain a lot, because this is my common area of congestion.

When people do not get enough sleep, yes it is easy to blame lack of sleep, people tend to overlook something else. With lack of sleep or rest, people do not drink enough water! So just drink enough water, to get the circulation moving!

Of course, there other extreme of dark circles is too much water water retention. In this case it is due to eating too much salty snacks or taking medicine which can bring on edema. If the issue is too much water retention, then taking certain supplements which will cause ridding of excess of water will be helpful. Sometimes you can take diuretics, for me I just take 1 teaspoon of baking soda to reduce some constipation. Of course, if you want to rid of a lot of water, which I don't recommend except for emergency is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt to 1/2 glass of water. This could cause loose stools. Once that happens you can drink more water, but stay away from fried foods, salty snacks, etc. Taking some electrolyte drinks, sometimes called Oral Rehydration therapy, could also restore some electroytic imblances too. You can also prepare at your home with the recipes here:

2. Reduce Toxic buildup. Reducing toxic buildup is something like a Yin and Yang approach. You need to reduce toxic buildup both ways to really work. First the Yin, which requires oxidative therapy, such as 1 glass of water, add 5-6 drops of 3% H2O2. Take it for a couple of times until you begin notice increased energy and circulation and notice that your skin starts clearing up. A longer term, at least for me required I drink it for a couple of days, or you can do shorter term, like only a day. So this is just the Yin of it. Hydrogen peroxide is well known for detoxification of various insecticides, pathogens, bugs, chemical toxins that buildup in your body for sometime. It destroys them by oxidation. There was an outstanding underground video from Taiwan which demonstrated that insecticide no longer exists upon ozonation of meats and vegetables in water for only a couple of minutes. So not only can you try peroxide, you can also ozonate your room.

Now the Yang of it. This requires a mild detoxification by reduction, as opposed to oxidation. The simplest one I can come up with is the following:

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda + 1 whole lemon + 1/2 glass of water taken twice, once in the bedtime and once in the morning. Or use ascorbic acid of 1/2 teaspoon in place of whole lemon is up to you. The reading of the Oxidation Reduction Potential, will get you a negative -200 to -300 millivolts. So this is a simple the reduction method of detoxification.

3. Nutrients to rebuild Damaged Tissues. Certain nutritition helps improved skin textures and sometimes brighter looking eyes sometimes. These include flavonoids, found in hesperidin, rose hips, vitamin F, bee pollen, royal jelly, vitamin B5 panthenol (or pantothenic acid), gingko, chitosan, inositol B8, oatmeal (high in silicon), and most importantly vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate, which is an alkaline form of vitamin C. These all will help repair damage tissues and reduce allergies. I have seen one person with reduced allergies and somewhat improved skin from just taking chitosan. Gingko helps with microcirculation and thus repair.

I have recently made my own heavy metal tester and found that one source of free radicals come from my own water filtering device. It was further traced to an old rusty faucet. Upon the removal of this, there was no longer copper toxicity. Copper free radicals is a common problem in Thailand since copper in drinking water is quite high. In certain parts of Bangladesh, arsenic is high. In the rice I eat, I haven't yet investigated it, I found it to be high in free radical zinc. So most of the heavy metals come from too much food processing, as opposed to minimal food processing. Just think, boiling that water in the old teapot, creates more free radical metals, which could be tin, iron, etc. An easy way to tell is to get a laser pointer and look at the lights passing through it. If you can see it, more clearly after you boil it, then that is the source of heavy metals which of course might be free radical metals and cause dark circles under they eyes, because that is a sensitive part of your body and the skin is already thin.

As to whether using cucumbers and other ailments will help such as apple cider vinegar, etc. These will help too since they also help detoxify the body but I prefer to mention the less obvious answers. If you are looking for obvious answers, such as dark circles is caused by hereditary, or some other things, those are some of the things we can do very little and is not worth mentioning here.

There is more than enough websites that tell you what YOU CANNOT DO, as opposed to what YOU CAN DO. The area round the eyes therefore is a reflection of your overall health, so monitor your them well and find what is causing the problems!

Replied by Donna
Aspen, CO

Karin In Germany, Most commonly dark circles under your eyes is a thyroid problem. Have your tsh tested, it should be .80-2.0 If it is higher then you need thyroid supplements. Old doctors still go by the results that a tsh of over 4.55 is bad, but the new thinking is anything over 2.0 is bad. My OBGYN is my only doctor who follows the new advice, she gave me thyroid for a tsh of 4.25 and am I glad. You could also paint with iodine to try to help yourself, look up iodine cures for instructions. Iodine feeds the thyroid. However, in my experiments on myself, only thyroid helped, I take Armour thyroid because it is natural thyroid, the others are synthetic. My mom and dad have been on synthetic thyroid for 35 years, so I know of no reason to reject it, just my preference. Your thyroid underpreforming is a warning--there are many ailments that could follow that are very serious, take care of your thyroid~it takes care of you~your dark circles are a call for help.