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Juniper an Option?

Posted by Anonymous on 06/17/2007

Hi Ted... came across a website about dark circles but im not sure if its safe to try or if it is effective can u please give me your opinion about it? thank you! ;

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The juniper remedy for used as a dark circles under the eyes only works if the eyes are assumed to be puffy. Since juniper berries and extracts works by the action of diuretic. Since I don't have any idea what your dark circles look liked, whether they are puffy or whether they are hollow and dark, juniper isn't going to work for hollow and dark circles under the eyes. Now for the puffiness of the eyes, those are congestions, more than too much water retention. The fact that juniper rids of water retention doesn't really resolve the cause of the dark circles.

As mentioned before there are many causes. One instance is the dark circles were formed assuming dark and hollow is the accumulation of toxins. Those kind of dark circles works with adding 6-12 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide to the drinking water all throughout the day.

On the other hand if a woman has a menstruation where the blood is regularly brown and dark. Then that is the sign of body cannot get rid of it due to excess clotting and stickiness of blood platelets as being the cause. In that case vitamin E, and drinking green tea WITH NO sugar NO FRUCTOSE, and NO MILK. The green tea or certain strong chinese tea will remove the excess iron out, and the vitamin E, and sometimes aspirin will prevent blood clotting removing the circulatory problems

In another instances, a dark circles with tiny dark veins, which is a sign that works similarly to varicose veins, but only occurs in the eyes. A remedy for that requires sodium ascorbate vitamin C 1000 mg (or rose hips) and baking soda 1/4 teaspoon twice a day.

While it is difficult to cover the entire universe of dark circles under they eyes, such as hormonal cause, adrenal exhaustion, that would be licorice extract taken for a couple of weeks! Or to remove congestion from stress then it would be once a week DHEA.

The general remedy will always be alkalization which also clears the eliminations as being the simplest of the remedy. One possible remedy that can clear some congestions of dark circle that you might try is to apply apple cider vinegar under the eyes, lightly. Those are not only cheaper and easily available but also if it stings or you don't like it, you can rinse them off. If for some instance apple cider vinegar is not available sometimes I used distilled white vinegar. While it won't completely remove them, it helps a lot. Those are applied thinly and wiped off excesses and done only overnight. You should see some improvement the next day.

It must be noted that if dark circles under the eyes are due constantly staining sweat. Certain microbes exist in the glandular system. For that kind of remedy I just recently found that just drinking plenty of green tea for a couple of weeks (not too much, may cause constipation, but can be stopped by adding a pinch of baking soda and a tiny amount of sea salt) will have the same effect as juniper berries, but much better because it removes the microbes that causes stains, which over the long term leads to dark circles.

If it is a dark circles caused by somewhat of an age spots, then I would apply colorless iodine and use that as a cleaning solution to apply thinly to the area. However before doing that, I would try to apply to other inconspicuous areas so that I might not have a skin reaction. If I don't then I used that as a skin cleaning solution and drink some green tea to cleanse the microbes that creates staining which causes some dark circles or other area as it removes both microbes and free metal iron efficiently.

Finally I have received reports of people doing oil pulling that resulted in removal of dark circles. But of course, it also cause colon cleansing in some cases and as a result when the toxins were remove, the dark circles goes away.

I am not short remedies for dark circles, usually I am short for time!

Replied by Amee
Mangalore, India


Came to this site by chance and I am a great believer of natural foods and remedies. I read up on your sections and looked around to see if there was anything for my not so big but irritating problem. I have dark circles with eye bags to boot which is making me look older. Been carrying them for years now. The place I live at does not have this extract. I managed to find an ACV though i am not too sure it is organic (American Garden) Should I just take this one and Green tea ?? Your help would be appreciated