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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 01/30/2010 383 posts

I decided to give this a separating column since one of the things I needed to get people out of a coma, at least the case of a last stage ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease, was to use this remedy. I have since modified the remedy so that it will work faster. Basically the remedy requires a glass of water, 2 drops of 35% concentrated Hydrochloric acid and 2 drops of methylene blue 0.1%. The calculated formula appears to be closer to 5 drops of each, then is tube fed (there's no other way you can feed people in a coma) and the person should wake up out of a coma within a few hours. The other supporting one is to use a clove (if it's virally related as in certain cases of ALS), I also used clove oil applied it along the back of the neck. The median dose appears which is less then optimal and not too strong is just 3 drops of each of HCl and methylene blue 0.1% in a glass of water, or 3/4 glass if a person can't handle the excessive amounts of water. The rationale is really simple, coma people in general, obviously not everyone, and maybe this doesn't apply to many people, is that they have low digestive stomach acid, which is the battery that powers the energy level in people. This principle can easily proven by taking say 5 drops to the most skeptical of the people of HCl who is very sleepy. The effects can be noticed within about a minute as a proof of principle. The methylene blue increases the brains mitochrondria level, the supporting clove kills off the virus which weakens the system, and hence, this is the major remedy I used to get people out of a coma. Perhaps doctors have better remedy, but I am not aware of that. If the methylene blue 0.1% with HCl for example at 2 drops each is given every 2 hour, there would be enough energy to get the (perhaps) the most stubborn of coma cases out of their long sleep but that may take a couple of more hours (maximum maybe 4-6 hours). However, this is just one of my small remedies that may help very few people who has a preference to sleep all day. For those sleepy people like me sometimes it's only taken at 2 drops of each twice a day is the dose I used personally.

Replied by Matt
Millbrook, Ny

God bless you Ted! Do you think that getting enough chloride from sea salt could be a preventative measure?

Replied by Stephen
Dearborn, Michigan

Dear Sir, With a great hope I have read your e mail, my brother is currently in a comatose status, and he has been in this condition for almost over a year, physically he is doing so far good, no other issue besides controlling his blood pressure in addition I noticed so much warm water coming out of his mouth. I just need and if it is possible more detail about your last article dated on 03/01/2010 and some instructions if you dont mind toward what we can do in order to bring him back out of his coma. I do greatly appreciate your endeavors to keep us all hope for better days.
Kind Regards, Stephen

Replied by Mq
Cary, Nc

A dear friend of mine is in coma for four days after a severe allergic reaction to carrots. She had no pulse and it took paramedics about 1 hour to get her pulse back and took her to the hospital. She is in coma and she is a diabetic but all her vitals are fine and stable. She is not breathing on her own at all, on a ventilator 100%. She is about 40 years old. Is there anything to get her out of coma?

Replied by T
Houston, Usa

Please google 'pranic healing' and find someone who can do this on your friend. It is incredible beneficial.

Replied by Andoy
Boise, Id

Try to google intravenous Vitamin C- coma.