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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/29/2011

Hi, I hope my e mail finds you well, in regard to Ted's remedy for coma patient posted on 12/07/2010.
I manage to find the 0.1% blue methylene, but the concentrated Hydrochloric that I have is 37% not 35% as recommended. I just need to know please if with 37% HTC the remedy still could work. Please advice.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Basically if 37% hydrochloric acid is used the difference is 2%. It still use 4 drops of 250 cc of water. Its a simple one. There are other formulas if the person is in deep coma. All you have to remember is this, people have coma because they couldn't get their energy levels up, because usually the liver is depleted of vitamins, usually vitamin B and C, and if liver is depleted, the stomach can't produce the stomach acid, and if the stomach can't produce the acid, the proteins cannot break down, it needs pepsin, and to do that it needs stomach acid to convert pepsinogen to pepsin. Another problem (but less of a problem) is people in coma state, lack CoQ10 of the ubiquinol form in the 2000 mg/day range, and it takes longer then the HCl remedy of a few minutes to wake them up, such as a month. Once the energy levels has surplus, they wake up. Now poor people can't afford some of this so the pepper and garlic was used. That worked too.