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50 Year Old with High Triglycerides

Posted by Jonathan on 07/31/2008


My friend who is 50 yr old has triglicerides over 900. He has been taking cholesterol medicine for quite a long time as well. Any recomendations as far as diet or supplements that are needed. Thanks for your help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The source of triglycerides comes from animal fats and vegetable oils. I would avoid all animal fats and vegetable oils, hidden or used in cooking. It's that simple.

Therefore avoiding the use of vegetable oils in cooking should reduce most of it. But I also believe in reducing cholesterol also from by refraining from eating meats from beef, pork and chicken. Most people think white meat chicken is low in cholesterol, but the fact is it's quite close with any other meats and the only major difference is just eating mostly vegetarian food while avoiding vegetable oils as it is high in triglycerides. Some people don't know that even pizza can also be high in triglycerides as vegetable oils are also used in cooking. This includes other junk foods in cakes, pastries, cookies, and donuts also.

It takes only about 3-4 weeks of major change in diet to see results in reduction in triglycerides, but taking granulated lecithin one tablespoon three times a day also helps. Processed foods are most dangerous ones and contain hydrogenated oils and triglycerides are hidden in many processed foods.


8/12/2008: D replies, "I eat a lot of stir fry vegetables made with olive oil... My system doesn't really like raw veges... Is the olive oil okay ore are you talking about all vege oils??

8/13/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies, "Most vegetable oils, polyunsaturated fats, are a big problem. However for olive oil, it does contain triglyceride, and its negative effect is less than most vegetable oils, but can't be eliminated completely.

Depending on people's health, some may choose to use olive oil some may not. No food is really perfect. In general it is best to avoid fried food altogether and just consume either boiled or baked products where there is less dependence on consumption of oils. If a my triglyceride is high, I will avoid any vegetable oils that contains triglyceride.

It should be noted that in some instances people who do consume excess olive oil can lead to skin allergies. Therefore low consumption of oils is generally the best rule of thumb for person with high trigylcerides, but this does not mean a person should avoid fish oil and other essential oils taken in moderation.

Omega 3 oil is something I need to take almost every week, at least since the brain cell turnover of omega 3 is very high. The omega 3 is replaced every two weeks by a brain cells so a deficiency is likely to occur with omega 3, rather than omega 6 which is found in many oils anyway.


P.S. This goes for coconut oil too and not just olive oil. Although personally, olive oil may be slightly better than coconut oil if we were to discuss just on the issue of triglycerides. In some studies, they noted rises in triglyceride come from oils that do have triglycerides.