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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/03/2010 391 posts

Getting Cholesterol down without medicine...

I have recently consulted with a hotel chairman group in Phuket about getting his cholesterol down, which is actually not a stict regimen at all. Before I start I might as well show you the figures. On January 7, 2010, he decided to test how effective my remedies were and got a blood test.

Here are his figures: Cholesterol 304, Triglyceride 275, HDL Cholesterol 56, and LDL Cholesterol 197. Normal figures should be below 200 for cholesterol, 150 for triglyceride, more than 40 for HDL, 130 for LDL, and his fasting glucose is 92. On the SI scale it's 5. Units are often mg/d for cholesterol, while mg per dL the rest.

On February 10, 2010, after using my simple remedy, here is his recent blood test, which is roughly 5 weeks after the first blood test: Cholesterol is 207 (about 100 points reduction), triglyceride is 57 (a 78% reduction), HDL cholesterol 49, LDL cholesterol is 147. So the focus has always been reducing total cholesterol and triglyceride, as you can see.

The remedy is simple: avoid drinking alcohol, and all vegetable oils used for cooking in foods such as main dishes and all bakery products for at least 2 months, but in this case it was done in 5 weeks. If and when it is necessary for cooking using oils, then just use coconut oil only. Vegetable oils get oxidized and go rancid inside the body and become really sticky goo, causing these plaques, liver problems and heart disease. This can easily be demonstrated by leaving say canola oil out in the sun for about 1-2 months or outside are. They will eventually become glue. It maybe faster if you heat them and then leave it out for a week. They become oxidized easily, while there is no effect on these chemical change using either lard or coconut oil, when they are similarly exposed. The other thing is to take lecithin one teaspoon a day with every meal and once before you sleep. One additional thing is to avoid late night dinners such as after 6 pm if possible. To get HDL up, you simply eat the yellow egg yolk and throw away the whites (they are anti nutrients and is used as antidote for food poisoning because of this binding ability). The yellow egg yolk consumed should preferably be still liquid. Of course the last suggestion the Chairman didn't follow because he was desperate to get all cholesterol figures down, and didn't bother consuming the egg yolk which would have raised his HDL. I believe he will soon as numbers are getting normal, assuming of course that he doesn't go back to drinking, or consuming vegetable oils used in cooking fried chicken, french fries and fats buildup also occur when you also consume the fructose, found in fruit juices, which I prefer to stay away if I wanted to get cholesterol levels down fast. 300 is fantastically high numbers and 200 or less are much more manageable. This remedy the Chairman did not take any statin drugs or any medication, as this shortens people's lifespan when they are on statins, and causes strokes while lowering the cholesterol level. Cheese and milk and dairy product is avoided as usual.

I am currently investigating the use of orange oils in reducing cholesterol in the blood. This comes from my experience in the cleaning industry where we use orange oils, or d-limonene, to remove heavy grease. Of course the orange oils is mixed say 20 drops per 2 teaspoon of granulated lecithin in a blender, mixed with 250 cc of water and is taken three times a day. This should in theory remove the rancid sticky oils from cooked vegetable oils that get recirculated inside the body.

In any event, no pharmaceutical drugs was used in my remedy in reducing any cholesterol was needed.

Regarding the use of niacin to reduce the cholesterol I believe is a risky venture. That's because it is true niacin reduces blood cholesterol, but in the 1930s it's been known that fact, what is not known is it increases liver cholesterol. To the displacement of cholesterol goes from the blood into the liver, causing liver damage. It's know well in the time release niacin, but in the 1930s there was no timed release niacin and it still does the damage to the liver. Hence I don't generally use niacin to reduce cholesterol. I however use niacinamide, which doesn't cause the flush, but the aim here is not the issue of cholesterol, but in the use against depression, anxiety and panic attacks, as well as suicidal depression, usually require 500 mg and takes about 45 minutes for it to take effect. As far as non flush niacin is concerned, Inositol Hexanicotinate, those don't reduce cholesterol either. However, the chemical properties of orange oil, whose main component is d-limonene, also found in lemon oil too, can dissolve heavy grease inside the body when mixed with an oil soluble lecithin to aid in the delivery to reduce overall cholsterol, especially the LDL, which are the stickiest of all the cholesterol and hardest to remove.

If it does reduce using the lemon oil or orange oil, it's best not to overdo that and I always think after doing for a month or so to take another blood test to make sure it's not overdone.

Replied by Lou
Elk Grove, Ca, Usa

Can you please share your findings on the use of lemon and/or orange oil in combination with lecithin granules in terms reducing LDL and triglyceride. Also, do you think, this can be used along with oral chelation EDTA?? To hopefuls reduce the arterial plaque. What dose and what precautions do you recommend?

Your words of wisdom and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. God bless.

Replied by Annie
Toledo, Oh

In using orange oil for cholesterol where can I find it?

Replied by Barnard
Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi, I agree with the exercise and a good diet able to knock off some LDL. I did the same, and mine after about 45 days was down from 130 (the upper range is 100) to 62.
Well, I put more time on exercises. I do it everyday and 2 times a day, consisting of walking, running and bicycling.

In addition, I watch my diet carefully. To add your effort of avoiding nasty cholesterol, I consume olive oil a lot. About 5-6 tablespoon a day. I consider this important since it boost HDL and also helps eliminate some LDL. Omega oil is also in my daily menu. My weight dropped by 30 lbs, accordingly I breath a lot easier now and feel much much better.

Replied by Frances
Downey, Calif

Thank u! Everyone, especially for the red yeast advice, after I took it I had heart pain. I'm going to take the oils and just lose the weight. Thanks again!

Replied by Starr4046
Chandler, Az, Usa

Hi, I went to the doctor today for my A1C diabetic check up. They took a fasting blood test and I was told that my LDL is 199 and my HDL is 56. My triglyceride is 271 and my non-HDL chol is 215.

Sitting in my doctor's office she is telling me to go back on Crestor - a statin. I am reluctant to do so, but my numbers are very high. One good thing is my A1C is 6.0 and that is coming down... Yeah me!!

I would like to try to get this down naturally. So I am going to start this remedy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated because my goal is to live healthy without as many prescribed medications as possible.

Thanks for your posts

Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa

Hi Starr -My personal thoughts on this (after seeing what a statin did to my husband) are to NEVER take a statin. EVER. There are entire books on this subject. Please read one. It will frighten the living daylights out of you. I only read up on it after my husband showed signs of Early Onset Alzheimers after 3 months on a statin drug. Thank God it reversed when he stopped taking it.

If you must take a drug to lower your cholesterol (have you looked into red yeast rice? Google that). There are non-statin drugs out there too.... please do some research.

Do not let the doctor talk you into a statin. They should not even be allowed on the market in my opinion. There is a HUGE amount of money being made on the backs of the uninformed.... BILLIONS of dollars. It is just so wrong. Look it up.

Knowledge is power.

Best to you! :-)

Replied by Otelco
Scottsdale, Az

My total cholesterol has always been around 220-240. Last year it was about the same but my HDL dropped from 60ish to below 40. My total/hdl ratio went to >6 putting me in high risk category. Read Ted's remedy and added egg yolk to diet on average of about 2 every other day or less. Had cholesterol retested with very significant increase in HDL. Ratio dropped to below 3.5 putting me in no risk category. LDL also went down. No other physical/dietary changes. Ted rules!

Replied by Laurie
Livonia, Mi

Having reactions to cholesterol medications with muscles. Have been taken off medication for a week. I have read about taking lecithin. I purchased capsules, 1200 mg. first question is how many capsules equate to a teaspoon? Second question, if also taking meds for depression, is this safe. Would greatly appreciate some help. Thank you

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
2063 posts

Laurie, it's pretty much common knowledge nowadays that statin drugs deplete CoQ10 in the body, although it seems many docs are reluctant to advise supplementing CoQ10 or Ubiquinol. If you showed such pronounced symptoms in your muscles, it could be deduced that you are also at very high risk for heart attack (one of the side effects of statins). If you decide to supp CoQ10 also take Vit-E and Selenium.

Take the lecithin caps as directed on labels and also take a good complete B vit to boost your entire metabolic pathway (energy production). Also consider other effective Cholesterol lowering remedies like Red Yeast Rice, Niacin, Beta Sitosterol.

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

Also check out Niacin. Even conventional doctors are realizing it works for lowering cholesterol. I have seen people on 1000mg a day of Niacin (advised by a doc) but I would start slow. Start at 250 mg for a week. Step up at 250 mg at a time until you get a flush, and then make that your dose, not more. Take it late in the evening, several hours after your last meal so what you last ate won't influence your levels. If you take it right after/with a meal, you will 'feel the heat' a lot more esecially if you just ate bread, pasta, etc. Do not get "flush free" or reduced-flush niacin, it doesn't work. It needs to be regular Niacin!!

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Laurie, Another thing you could consider to lower your cholesterol is chia seed. I'm not sure if you're familiar with it or not. Chia seeds have long chain triglycerides which help scrub cholesterol from the artery walls. In addition to being good for this reason, they also are a good source of fiber, help to make you feel full if eating too much is an issue, they're full of nutrition, decrease blood pressure and the list goes on. I drink them in a cherry juice which I started in the spring. They really help regulate you and also keep you hydrated because of their ability to hold liquid. I have given friends the chia pudding recipe which you can google online too. Anyway, hope this helps. Lisa