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How to Remove Pbde Flame Retardants

Posted by Mum2girls (Chicago, IL) on 09/18/2008

Is there a way to remove the high levels of flame retardants PBDE's that scientists are finding in our bodies?

Since there have been posts on EC that talk about ways to remove fluoride and chlorine I thought Ted could tell us how to remove Flame Retardants/PBDE's from our systems.

Also what about BPA? I have been avoiding plastic and canned foods in my home for 3 years now but not sure how much of it has accumulated in our bloodstreams from eating out etc.

Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
388 posts

Supposedly, PDBE flame retardants production is stopped since 2004 in U.S. and Eruope but I suspect many products we have may still have PDBE from imports since these are not regulated. Most exposure from PDBE is going to be environmental such as from dusts, old plastics and fats. Fats in our food has lPDBE as this is found in fat, and hence are fat soluble material. More obese people will have more PDBE stored in fat cells.

The control of dust is to use wet towel to clean off dust using the wet method as opposed to dry method where dusts high in PDBE is everywhere. Certain sofas with foams and bed may contain PDBE, so I would check for manufacturers whether they have flame retardants, not just for plastic materials.

The other common contaminant that is also found in milk and breast milk is the perchlorates. Both the PDBE (poly brominated diphenyl ether) and perchlorate (used in pyrotechnics, fireworks and rocket industries) are similar in that it is a halogens, which displaces iodine, and causes mental retardation in children by causing or limiting the uptake of iodine as halogens compete with one another. Since we live in a society where we use chlorine bleaches, brominated breads, and other halogens that are non iodine in nature this is dangerous for developing fetuses to the mother during term pregnancy. Hence, the most suitable way of removing these is by displacement, by taking more than required of iodine supplements, usually from an organic source, such as kelp or a more convenient source such as sodium iodide or potassium iodide tablets. For me I can used lugol's solution or I can use potassium iodide or sodium iodide also. To reduce further the accumulating fat soluble PDBE for example, I can take lecithin, which is a fat emulsifier and will remove fat soluble toxins from the body easier by making them water soluble. The body has limited ability to remove fat from the body and this is why I liked lecithin. Excessive fats and excessive oxidized fats (if they recirculated too long) accumulates in the liver and this becomes cirrhosis, or liver cells die, from taking too much alcoholic drinks can have the same effect. Hence lecithin and removing fat portions of meat, and eating less meats will reduce exposure of PDBE as fats and to some extent meats have PDBE and perchlorates too.

As to canned products, Bisphenol A is still used in nearly all canned products, especially with a plastic lining, which are estrogenic. It is wonderful if powers-that-be wants birth control since it is estrogenic, but may cause miscarriage (if pregnancy is a possibility from excessive intakes of bisphenol A!). It is also a boon for weight loss product since bisphenol A and estrogenic products, but also aspartame (found in many dietary products) causes weight gain. Actually I have recently found significant weight gain in a few cases of taking aspartame now hidden in many children's vitamins, pharmaceutical, and even in supplements such as glucosamine sulfate, N Acety Cysteine, where the use of product required dissolving in a glass of water to taste good. It is therefore no surprise they also added propylene glycol, which tastes sweet, but also induces metabolic acidosis. Taking large amounts of that can also kill you, as it would by taking too much aspartame, and even more deadly if Creatine monohydrate that body builders used is mixed with sugar Free Gatorade that has aspartame. It breaks down by oxidation and enzyme into methanol alcohol but even worse, the longer it is in the blood methanol is further broken down into formaldehyde.

If there is any more surprise, then I have to be careful of cellular use. While research has shown cellular phone use is safe, I find this ridiculous to believe since you can cook a boiled eggs within an hour using two cellular phones. Obviously if you think microwave is safe, heating a blood in microwave at similar temperatures for normal heating of blood has killed a patient before. So microwave heating may denature our DNA and other things and not just the heat that's killing us, it's really the microwave radiation that's actually being produced.