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Supplements to Reverse a Cataract

Posted by Joan on 09/28/2007

Ted, I love this site,, and am really enjoying all the testimonies of how people have been helped. Do you know any natural way to get stop advancement, and actually reverse and eliminate cataracts? My mother is 80 years old, and one of her eyes has quite a bad cataract. Thank you for your reply.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Joan: There are many deficiency which resulted in cataracts as follows: Methionine (Amino Acid 500 mg) Tryptophan (Amino Acid 500 mg) Zinc (50 mg twice a week) Magnesium (250 mg 4-5 days out a week) Copper (found in many supplements) Selenium (200 mcg) Manganese (25 mg chelated amino acid or sulfate) Vitamin A (25000 i.u.) Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

Eating foods high in vegetable oil content, lack of vitamin E and vitamin C are some additional information I dug up. In rat studies, vanadyl sulfate also reversed cataract. However the most dramatic remedy I have seen is the Acetyl Carnosine eye drops sold commercially, (first made in Switzerland) and it dissolves the cataract within a couple of months. The instructions for use are written.

A cataract usually starts with a cloudy vision before they happen and drinking plenty of water will reduce some glycation. However, in mild cases vitamin C 1000 mg and vitamin A are usually helpful in those instances. Still, I would be interested in at least Acetyl L Carnosine, methionine, vitamin B complex and tryptophan at the very least. I am currently investigating other supplements for cataracts at the moment to find an effective remedy. The secret seems to lie in the component of the aqueous humor where its nutritional status of that liquid is not within normal parameters.

Replied by Dhyana
San Diego, California

This is very interesting and I would love to get some to try on my eyes. Does anyone know where you can buy this stuff?