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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/29/2010 391 posts

This remedy isn't perfect yet, but it is part of on going investigation on cataract. Basically most of the internet world right now is looking onto the N Acetyl Carnosine eyedrops and it's variation as a means of dissolving the cataract in people. The problem here lies in not looking at the deficiencies and the causes of cataract itself. Most people are looking along the lines glycated lens. What initiated my look into it is I have been having somewhat cloudy vision lately. Obviously there are other avenues to resolve this issue, not just finding the elusive and expensive N Acetyl Carnosine. If I look into a Taiwan studies looking for amino acid deficiencies, there was one study that did look into both cataract and extreme myopia as part of their analysis. The one amino acid that actually stood up very clearly in people with cataract is they found no tryptophan in the aqueous humor at all in people with cataract. As for people with myopia, it was found that glutamate was more then ten fold higher in myopia. There was a studies in the late 1940s, concerning using various amino acid supplements to reverse cataract or their deficiencies of them that caused them. There was a couple of interesting amino acid that reversed that too, in that study it focused on the cause of cataract with histidine and phenylalanine. Other research cited by that revealed also tryptophan, feeding with too much galactose (sweet food will do), methionine and cystine, and valine (found in BCAA -branched chain amino acid), high tyrosine diets (will cause cataract), low riboflaving, and perhaps vitamin A. The research also quote others, which in addition includes lysine, threonine and all three amino acids in BCAA (leucine, isoleucine and valine).

From my own observations and tests, I have found histidine and phenylalanine to work the best, closely followed by tryptophan. I haven't quite tested all of them, and various combinations. So a people with a slight foggy eyes, will definitely observe changes in clarity vision (if observant enough), but not perfect within minutes to hours after taking them. Such as phenylalanine, histidine and tryptophan, 1000 mg to 2000 mg each.

Interestingly, histidine deserves special mentioned as it is never been that popular due to commercialism of anti-histamines, so people assume histidine is not good for you. In fact just the opposite, histidine is an anti aging supplements. There is a study that tries to determine which component of carnosine was responsible for anti glycation effect. Carnosine is actually a double amino acid, or what they call dipeptide, with Beta alanine and L histidine attached together. Actually dipeptides works better by staying in the blood stream longer. That's basically it. Most of the body building supplements focuses on the beta alanine portion on the issue of pH buffer, which I doubt. But the anti aging effect in removing glycation and breaking cross linking was the histidine that worked the best. They tested different compounds of histidine, and it turns out the simple histidine works the best. I took a few histidine supplements to remove cloudy vision and I can tell you they work, but can't quite completely remove them all because it was taken over a short period of a couple of days, as part of my tests. Carnosine is used in N acetyl Carnosine deserves special mentioned as these patents are notoriously misleading to get people to think something else, so that copy cat manufacturers won't be able to have the same quality as the original patent holders. The secret actually lies in the fact that most research in the past, nearly all of them, until just recently, overlooked the fact that hydrazine contaminants, is found in all carnosine as part of the extraction process betweein 0.01% to 0.02%. It was the contaminant hydrazine that was responsible for most of the amazing benefits of the carnosine! When they redo the research, the results of anti aging effect, mostly the antioxidant aspect, and anti glycation, actually came from the hydrazine contaminated carnosine! The company that made the N Acetyl Carnosine knew that, and whenever you have a hydrazine contaminant in carnosine, it is bound to react with carnosine, causing breaking of carnosine into its component, of particular interest is when it is reacted with histidine, which is l histidine hydrazide. The original patent knew that and mentioned in passing, about this as part of their patent for the N acetyl carnosine, of the more powerful L histidine hydrazide. Obviously taking just histidine would help anyway, from my own tests and the health effects of carnosine came from contaminated samples of hydrazine. If you can see the connections of anti cancer properties of carnosine is contaminated with hydrazine, there is something to the anti cancer effects of Dr. Gold's Hysrazine sulfate, and they do work. If you just look at all the compounds of hydrazine, sometimes they called it hydrazone, it is already in use in medicine, although quietly.

So the people in Taiwan obviously had low intakes in tryptophan which they don't drink a lot of dairy product and they got myopia from ght Monosodium glutamate. For cataract, supplements with phenylalanine, histidine, and tryptophan I have found helpful, but there are others also mentioned here. While reduction of some myopia maybe possible if MSG is reduced in the diet and this can be offset by taking more taurine supplements as it is neuroprotective against glutamate excesses in the diet, which obviously comes from snack foods in U.S.


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Replied by Mike
Council Bluffs, Iowa

What is the specific protocol Ted recommends for eliminating cataracts? Is it just diluted lemon drops or is there more?

Replied by Namuun
United Kingdom

I am so overwhelmed to have found the earth clinic. My daughter who is 17 years old has recently been diagnosed with cataract after the very severe inflammation from pollen that resulted in red swollen face and blurred eyes. The doctors said the steroid cream that she used almost since her birth for skin flare up and eczema is the most likely contributor and said the surgery is the only treatment. I would like to avoid the surgery as much as possible and leave it to the last resort. I would like to try your suggested remedy first.

So, we are already having magnesium supplement, epsom salt bath, adrenal cocktail for potassium intake, bee pollon for barius B vitamins, camu camu for whole food vit C, cod liver oil and desiccated beef liver for other B vitamins and minerals. These are mainly for the root cause of imbalanced minerals that are contributing to cataract as her body may be deficient in these minerals.

However, I am now aware that I need to add histidine supplement phenylaline and tryptophan. Are they exist as a supplement form to take orally? if so is there a recommended brand?

Most importantly you have mentioned N Acetyl Carnosine and Acetyl L Carnisone in your response to someone else's question.

Which one would be the one that is advised for my daughter's situation who has steroid use caused cataract?

Thank you very much for your time and advice in advance.

Kind Regards,


EC: Hi Namuun,

We are sorry to inform you that Ted had a stroke in 2015 and is no longer able to correspond with our readers. Perhaps one of our other amazing health contributors on EC can advise.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

You are doing some good nutrients and this will help.

For my eye health I use magnet Therapy occasionally plus daily supplement of either Lutein or Zeoxanthin, and Taurine. Place a refrigerator magnet over each eye (be sure to properly clean the surface) for 15 min at least couple times daily. This removes inflammation and merits better results from all other subsequent therapies.

The recommended nutrients from Ted can be found at most health food stores and any form or brand of the Carnosine will work well enough.

Also: The herbal combination of Bilberry/Eyebright is beneficial to ocular conditions. The mineral Zinc is very, very important for eye health. Zinc Orotate, Zinc Methionine, or Krebs Zinc is the best forms on the market imho.