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Hyperacidity a Cause?

Posted by Shirley (Ft. Meyers) on 10/14/2006

Thanks for taking the time to help others. Bless you! I frequently have very painful canker sores ( ulcers) in my mouth.Is this a problem with hyperacidity? Thank you for responding.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Hyperacidity is related to painful ulcers in the mouth. A condition of hyperacidity is also related to constipation and water retention. In such condition, the body becomes stagnant and unable to rid itself of the toxins and causes canker sores or ulcers of the mouth.

So taking baking soda and citric acid will quickly alkalize the body and increase the body's oxygen level killing the bug. It will also stop the constipation and allow the body to rid of the toxic substances easier too. Drinking more water helps remove toxic substance, while eating more oils does the opposite.

In fact I have noticed also that when taking eating oily rich foods this happens too. The problem about oily foods is that they act like sponge absorbing bacteria, toxins, heavy metals during the cooking process.

For the unbelievers, when scientist do tests for heavy metals in liquid water, we frequently add oils to it and shake it. Upon separation, all the heavy metals are tested POSITIVE on the oils, but are tested NEGATIVE on the water. Therefore oil is a two edge sword. It is very bad to use oils in cooking by heating on pots and pans since it acts like a sponge to bacteria, viruses, and free radical heavy metals.

But the sponge analogy is that we also use them for cleaning. Therefore it makes excellent media to absorb heavy metals and toxins out of your body by taking 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil (the recommended method) and swishing in your mouth for a couple of minutes and do it a couple of times. (EC: this is known as the Oil Pulling Method)

The ancient Greeks took baths by putting olive oil and scraping the oil off, so they had a good idea of keeping their health too as they are aware that certain oils mop up toxic products from the body.

Since inside of your body is full of toxic products, taking more oils will not remove it, but lecithin, a fat emulsifier will, and removed safely via the feces and urine.

To treat your ulcers, apply dental pastes to the area of the problem. Change dental pastes as often and allow the wound to dry up and heal. And every morning, do oil pulling just using refined sunflower oil. And during the day on an empty stomach, take citric acid and baking soda. And at other times take plenty of granulated lecithin on an empty stomach. Always go to the bathroom as nature intends you to do it, otherwise toxins get untimely buildup and the result is ulcers. Most of all, avoid a heavy meal before sleep and avoid snacks, especially potato chips, french fries, fried chickens and too much meat products.