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Dental Paste

Posted by Rene (Guangzhou, China) on 11/01/2006

Ted, I have since five years chronic mouth ulcers and they get huge, 1cm in diameter and plus. I'm planning to start using the oil pulling method from tomorrow on. However, you mentioned using dental paste should be tried first. Why is this? I'm wondering what dental paste exactly is? I guess it isn't toothpaste, is it? I have consulted websters dictionary, but that was no help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Rene: Most dental pastes are simple soft waxes mixed with antibiotics that you apply on your mouth ulcers so the area of will be kept dry allowing it to heal properly. A drug store will have dental pastes for mouth ulcers, but for some reason or another the public is not aware of it. One popular dental pastes I used is something like this one:

A constant mouth ulcers often indicates intestinal problems or excess toxic buildup, which create the mouth ulcers This can be reduced by clearing your stools often, such as the use of milk of magnesia. A steady use of baking soda will prevent future mouth ulcers. The minimum dose is 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in one half glass of water to be taken twice a day. Vary your dosage accordingly.

There will be times when the body needs a break after taking baking soda over the course of a week. So on the second week, give it a 3-4 day break, then you can continue again.

It is important to keep constipation in check and this does not occur. If this does occur again, try to take baking soda more frequently. If that is not successful then take it after every meal, but there may be a risk of loose stool in a few cases after meal. Be sure to drink plenty of water while eating and eat slowly, this will remove small pockets of acid pH in the food as they are digested and prevent bacterial growth. If the food was improperly chewed, the chances of food getting undigested because of the bulk causes toxin buildup which tends to buildup in the body and shows in the mouth ulcers.

Keeping the body alkaline will keep most organism in check, whether they be virus, bacteria or even fungus. Oil pulling will kill most bugs since the content of sunflower oil, contains lineoleic acid which does kill them.