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Severe Burn Treatment

Posted by Lucas (Columbia, Missouri) on 06/13/2007

About a month ago i burned my arm with a hot glue gun. This burn was pretty severe and it still has not gone away. I realize that i will probably have a pretty big scar but as of right now it looks horrible. it is darker than the rest of my skin and it's kinda wrinkled but it dosen't look like a scar. It also looks transparent and glossy. Im just wondering what i should do so if you have an answer please reply to this message. Thanks Lucas

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Usually if the burns are fresh, or new, aloe vera will heal the burns pretty quickly, such as aloe vera oil with a couple of drops of lavender oil. Hospitals burns section uses vaseline gauze, but an easy one is vaseline mixed with 5% zinc oxide. This zinc oxide thing is not known in hospitals, but it does reduce the infection and irritations. It has worked very well for me. If the scars are already there, the best thing is to use some iodine and rubbed on the skin (cotton balls) to remove the scars. Actually I prefer colorless iodine made from sodium iodide or potassium iodide. When done everyday the scars get removed.

If it is a tough case, then a 50% DMSO solution rubbed several times a day with a white towel. Maybe, but haven't tried, it an iodine added may help removal. In the future I believe a vaseline, peppermint oil, some aloe oil 1%, zinc oxide is the ideal mixture, but those are a bit harder to find! Vaseline is what allows the wounds to heal without the infection.

Replied by Melissa
San Diego, Ca, Usa

Ted from B. A family member recommended me to this site and told me to look for your advice because he has found you to logical and respected. I went in for a triple ventral hernia repair and my surgeon advised me to apply a heating pad to the incision site. As a consequence I have severe 3rd degree burns across my midsection and spreading necrosis. Right now they have me in adaptic bandages with basitracin ointment which I change twice a day. I was on silver oxide but it turned my necrosis area severely silver. I go back in on Tuesday for a secondary to scrape off the white necrosis (the area that hasn't turned black yet) and try to stop the spread of necrosis without skin grafting. Any suggestions?

Replied by Kelly
Catawissa, Mo, Usa

DMSO 70/30