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Treating Lasting Burn Scars

Posted by Mother and Son (Anonymous) on 12/18/2011

Dear Ted, Exactly one year ago, my son and I were in the hospital because of severe burn-wounds. My son was burnt in his face and neck, I was burnt on my right-leg. My leg needed a skin transplant, but for my son the doctors were not sure if surgery was necessary, so they waited. We were taken care of for 12 days, but meanwhile I discovered an alternative treatment for burning-wounds on the internet. It's called Boegem balsem and it's made of vaseline, sesame oil and sunflower oil. We "escaped" the hospital (the doctors didn't want to let us go home) on the 12th day and went home with loads of Boegem balsem. We were able to heal the wounds at home, without any more pain! We are very thankful to Kees Boegem, who helped us with his balm!!!!

My leg has become almost as pretty as before the burns, but my son now has some ugly scars. I would think you'd call them hypertrophic, but maybe it's called keloid? I found the Earthclinic website and spent days to read all about it, but I still don't know what to do best. Until now I'm treating his scars twice a day with silicon-gel, and/or pure vitamine E oil ( I always let him decide). Sadly it looks like it's getting worse instead of better. Yesterday I started with pure vinegar on the scars every 30 min. for 6 times, and today we are doing the same. It seems like it stops the itching and maybe the color is a little lighter because of it. My question for you is : do you think these are keloids or hypertrophic scars?

What would you think would be the best treatment for him, to make the scars somewhat less ugly... or even better? It would be great if you are able to respond to my question; i understand that you are a busy man, but luckily enough I can be really patient... so I'm looking forward for your answer somewhere in time. Thanks for doing the things you do, I love you already!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The best remedies for healing of scar tissue is the pure aloe oil mixed in DMSO, with some vitamin E d alpha tocopherol, with a little vitamin A. It usually doesn't leave any scar tissue for burn victims, and it helps that lavender oil is added just a little bit to prevent any itchiness. It appears to me the rising skin to be a keloid, but MSM or DMSO, vitamin E, superoxide dismutase, alpha lipoic acid are good ones but the original formula will usually do fine. The component of aloe vera oil that is responsible for the healing comes from beta sitosterol (only 1%) in DMSO, if no aloe is used, and the rest is vitamin d and vitamin A, would do it. Ascorbyl palmitate may help in certain cases. The DMSO will help the dissolving of scar tissue and will slowly come back to normal. Vitamin K is a bit hard to find but I used vitamin K2, 1% solution in the formula to help out with wrinkles and uneven skin also, so it can be included if required, I used this for face creams also. I generally don't used sunflower oil as a base, but I do use hemp oil as the preferred base if I have to.

The problem about this formulation is if you can get the aloe vera oil, which is very hard to obtain in United States, so if you cannot get, you can always used Mebo, which is used to treat burn victims as they have the beta sitosterol, or you can just get the aloe vera juice, which works less effectively but works too. The vaseline is the prime treatment to prevent bacteria or virus from infection and this is preferred to be used but I generally don't use the sunflower oil or as hemp oil has all the nutrition in proper proportion for the human health, what's missing is the antioxidants such as vitamin E and perhaps vitamin C, such as ascorbyl palmitate, but I generally don't used that either. In my opinion I think that some keloids are excess fibrinogen and it may be removed mostly by applying the DMSO mixed with lavender oil (just a 1%). would dissolved it. The itchiness may be a fungus and you can try tannic acid to the area with water may help some.