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Posted by N on 08/18/2007

Back in 2000 when I was 31, I was living in NYC. I had bad dysmenhorrea - super painful periods and sometimes on the first day of my period would vomit so much I would have to go to the hospital to get rehydrated. This happened in 2000 and the ER docs told me to drink more water. So the next day I drank loads of Poland Springs. Same the next. Then the next day after lunch at work (it was a stressfull day) my heart started to race and my vision changed and I was told this was a panic attack but it lasted two weeks. The only way I could stop it was to take Ativan and pass out, when I'd wake up it would start over.

At the time of this "collapse" I had severe fatigue and the fog has not lifted since but the heart racing didn't occur to that degree again. I lost my job and my insurance because I got no diagnosis from the many doctors I saw. I'm not going to go into all the things I've tried (candida diet, liver flushes, adrenal fatigue treatments etc), but I learned a few things as I have gone along. I did the Master Cleanse but only lasted 6 days back in June. Part of the time I felt better than I had in a while, but I got a severe pain at the bottom of my left lung like a swelling of sorts and my gums receded exposing my roots which was PAINFUL. During the cleanse I had to use Celtic Sea salt (Light Grey) and I have found since that the salt is what causes this swelling or pain in that area. I was using it in my water. Now previously I was drinking water that was cleansed through a magnetic house system but then it went through a water softener, so now I use the bypass but was adding the sea salt. Can't use it now. In July I was getting kidney stones so I started to take some magnesium and wow I really got my hopes up as the fatigue and fog were slightly getting better. Then I tried a Magnesium oil and got severely sick last week. The fog got worse and I dont' know what happened. I know I'm dehydrated cuz even if I take a short shower, my hands get pruny. Is there a reason a person cannot get hydrated? I have low blood pressure so I don't have diabetes but I do get bouts with low blood sugar. Drinking smart water this week has helped but I get concerned about drinking too much water and ending up as I did back in 2000. I saw a lot of what you wrote on minerals and fulvic acid, I had tried the fulvic liquid minerals from some company and it made my condition worse. I'm just really confused on what to do. Maybe I got too much salt in me from drinking through the water softener for so long? Do you know much about that? I only weigh 100 pounds and am 5'2 and I want my life back and I feel like there is something that has to do with water but how do I keep it in me if I can't use the salt or is that ok? Yeesh. If you have time to read this and respond, I would greatly appreciate it. N

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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First things first, there's a difference between different kinds of magnesium. The body really respond quite different to various magnesium compounds. A better form of magnesium is the magnesium citrate. The magnesium oil is only promoted by one company and they used the magnesium chloride solution, which appears to look oily. However people with an acidosis problem would not likely to benefit from the magnesium chloride, as they do with the magnesium bicarbonate or magnesium citrate, which is a more alkaline form of magnesium. Magnesium should generally be used in such as 250 mg, mixed in a glass of water or for some sensitive people 100 -250 mg with plenty of water.

As to the brain fog being an issue, it would appears to be a non-water issue being the real problem, such as the body's urinary pH is off (usually it's the acidosis where urinary pH is well below an optimum of 7) and most people who do get sick have urinary pH below 6. The other issue is the body's antioxidant level is off, being on the oxidizing side, where vitamin C sodium ascorbate would have helped more. Of course this can be easily measure to see whether the Oxidation Reduction Potential of urinary samples is -50 millivolts or above would usually indicate the body's antioxidant level is low.

However the most common brain fog I encountered and remedy that has worked was the baking soda with lime which can be (for a small frame, more sensitive people) would likely be 1/2 lime (or 4 teaspoon of lime juice freshly squeezed, plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day.

The other cause of brain fog I have found had to do with heavy metals. If a dithizone tester is available or heavy metals are checked in the urine, it is likely that certain heavy metals is causing the brain fog, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, for example. Of course, getting an analysis for most people are expensive, and it is cheaper at least for me to follow on that assumption and try eating only a small amount of chinese parsley on an empty stomach a couple of leaves once every two days, or add those in soups, taken once every two days. Taking too much would result in negative detoxifying effect during the remedy, however a few leaves once every two days and a lime and bicarbonate remedy is unlikely to result in those condition. Finally magnesium when using them, it is important to realize that different kinds of magnesium works differently. The more alkalizing magnesium such as citrate is likely to work best for people who are acidic, which I have seen to be frequently the case for people with brain fog.

Finally two more remedy helpful for brain fog is the vitamin b complex, taken once every two days or three days, plus perhaps once in the morning 3 drops of H2O2 3% in one glass of water plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda should help complete the problem.

As to the dysmenorrhea, the remedy that has helped many of my friends during or before menstruation (which obviously shortens the time of menstruation period from 7 days to about 2.5 days lessening the infection and riding of the clotting of the blood (which can cause pain) and the excesses of dietary calcium. The remedy is usually taking aspirin, vitamin C sodium ascorbate (250 mg), and vitamin E, and not too frequent, but a small amount of magnesium such as 100 mg in a glass of water. Most of the improvements were seen from the vitamin E and aspirin during the menstruation pains. The blood should be fresher, less black and the body should at least get rid of them faster before the infections set in due to overextended menstruation. That has always been my observation. Evening primrose oil I also found to be helpful, but those are take once a week or two.

In summary it is the lowered antioxidant levels, heavy metal toxicity, acidosis, and improper kinds of magnesium being used that is the problem, rather than the issue of water.