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Lighted Headed and Dizzy Past 7 Weeks

Posted by Anonymous on 07/22/2009

can you please help me: 7 weeks ago I started to get really light headed and dizzy for no reason and then in 1 min it would go away and I would be normal. everyday it got worse and stayed longer. it is like brain fog and disorientation

it has now been 9 weeks and I can't even leave the house because I feel like I am going to faint I get sweaty hands and feet and they are cold and my head is hot. also constantly I am very tired. which is very unusual for me. also when I go outside my eyes hurt and I feel more disorientated

I have constant brain fog and every once in a while I have the disorientation for like 10 seconds.

I went to the doctors 9 times in 4 weeks and they don't know.

first they thought it was my kidneys, then my liver, then my heart, now kaiser says it is in my head which is dumb. they have done a ct of head and body and my heart is fine too. they are basically done with me and want me to see a physc and say it is depression. I do have anxious feelings but never normally so they are just a symptom not the problem.

I went to a homeopathic doctor and he was the one that said it was the adrenaline thing and gave me stuff. it helps energy wise but not really. I been on that for a month. I have also done a candida cleanse and tried trace minerals and flax seed oil.

I am a little better but still can't go outside so not better as a whole.

I feel so bad I don't even want to go to my friends house to play video games with him(my favorite thing to do). I don't even go on the computer at my house either because it makes it a little worse.

I am going to start college in september and I need to get better. I have wasted 9 weeks of my summer like this. I even missed my High school graduation because of my sickness.

the only diffrent things I have been doing 5 months before this is my tennis team at school started and I would play 3 hours of tennis a day after school along with finals(which is the week this all started) I had 1 episode during tennis but pushed myself to win my match and then it went away after 5 hours.

I have never pushed my self in tennis as much as I have this year and was very tired for the past 5 months before this happened to me.

also on the weekends I sat on my computer at least 6 hours aday and played video games / porgramed and I am wondering if my head got mialigned or something.

I heard you were very knowwleable and read your post on

I tried the lime and baking soda thing tonight. how long do I have to take this to notice a difference.

also what do you think happened and do you have any suggestions.

thank you so much

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A sweaty hands and tiredness very easy for me its usually magnesium deficiency. The remedy I used can be magnesium chloride 200-250 mg, or a close one magnesium citrate taken three a day, should be gone the next day. The other supplements that maybe needed are the electrolytes. Most simple electrolytes is available in most drug stores sold as oral rehydration packs, which are basically potassium as primary remedy. One additional supplement is 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt in one warm cup of water, single dose. This should help the electrolytic imbalance.


07/22/2009: Anonymous replies: "okay I will try that. the main issue is not really the hands and feet they are going away. it is the fatigue, brain fog and feeling like I am not really their. I can not go outside or anything, because I feel like I am virtual and will pass out. any suggestions

thank you for the magnesium I will try it"

7/22/2009: Ted replies: "A fainting like can also mean low blood pressure and low blood sugar. The sea salt usually noamrlizes the blood pressure. As to the unstable blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, it important to drink plenty of water during the meals so that insulin would not over react, causing hypoglycemia whenever there is a rise in blood sugar after meals. Some chromium supplements help such as 500 mcg a day is the common remedy. Granulated lecithin also helps by reducing excessive fat buildup so liver can detox. Alkalization normalizes the liver function by normalizing its pH function. If there is any other detoxing that is needed is likely to be a blood detox remedy. The best remedy for blood detox is 1 capful or preferably one half capful of 3% H2O2 food grade in one liter of drinking water. And drink this throughout the day to get whatever toxic substance out. In some people, the sweat and urine will smell bad for the first 3 or 4 days with frequent urination as the body tries to dump excessive toxin buildup. After that period, a peroxide remedy maybe discontinued for about a week or so to get the body to recover to restore its antioxidant levels and may be continued again as needed.


07/22/2009: Anonymous replies: "I have tried the sea water for 4 days straight but it did not help. I just feel not their 24/7. thank you and I will try these cures. how long till I notice a difference. also should I do the baking soda lime thing, or the apple cider vinegar thing for brain fog. also why are my eyes bloodshot constantly and hurt when I look outside or go outside. and why do I feel confused and brain fogged when going outside?"

07/22/2009: Ted replies, "Should you do sea salt and isn't improving, then it appears to be Epstein Barr Viruses, which in few cases causes brain fog, besides heavy metal poisoning. In this case, hydrogen peroxide mentioned, and or clove oil is used. Lemon oil is one supporting remedy that dissolve viral coating and killing them. There is a few cases that was fungus, but that required harder to acquire remedy, assuming of course mold isn't a problem.


Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

Did you recently decide to use stevia as a sugar substitute? If you are in a state that is hot you could be dehydrated or low on electrolytes. A lot of exercise would deplete you of electrolytes.

Some people get pollen reactions in the spring and suffer. Check out the water cure for proper way to drink water and take salt to avoid dehydration and prevent histamine symptoms.

New chemicals in your home or office could cause it.

Replied by Chronicd3deficient
Newark, Delaware

I had the same symptoms for over 10 years and the simple cause was a vit d3 deficiency. Have your doctor perform a test and once you begin treatment usually of high dosage, you'll be amazed at the results. Takes some time for it to kick in though. Brain fog is the last of the symptoms to clear depending on the severity, it may take up to one year. So be prepared. Good luck in your recovery!

Replied by Anonymouscat
Pdx, Or

Here are so ideas first check out vitamin deficiencies anemia and low B-12, magnesuim, vitamin D may cause dizziness and light headed. Some people are helped by alpha lipoic acid. You may have an ear or inner ear infection, or sinus infection which causes inflammation in your head pressure on the ear canal. You do not have to be congested to have a sinus infection. See a holistic dentist check for tooth abscesses/infection even if does NOT show up on the dental x-rays that doesn't mean it is not infected, sinus having all root canals extracted and put in implants, remove mercury filling they cause an energetic charge in the mouth so consider removing. Stay away from computers some people get dizzy from being around them. Check food /enviromental allergies.

Replied by Sarah
Los Angeles, Ca

Sounds like adrenal fatigue... Or possibly another condition that causes low blood pressure. This happens to me and I have adrenal fatigue. Do a web search and check to see if you have other symptoms. Also- does it happen particularly when you stand up? If you have a blood pressure gadget- check your blood pressure when you are NOT feeling dizzy, and then check it again right when you ARE feeling dizzy- see if there's a drop in blood pressure. Sea Salt in water can temporarily raise your blood pressure and make you feel better, but you would need to determine the cause and research more long term fixes of the underlying cause.

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

hep A outbreak in early april from frozen berry mix with pomegranate seed from turkey in mix..... That would be about the time you got dizzy... Did you have any of that?

Replied by Rima

It could you're sensitive to light? So possibly check your vision?

Or sensitive to something else in the air, some sort of allergy? Mold in the house/area? Or a tree you are sensitive to?

When I eat eggs, for e.g., I get this light headed/headache feeling.. no more eggs for me.

Replied by Maggie

These could be symptoms of typhus. Do you remember being bitten by fleas? I've known people who have gotten misdiagnosed and who remained sick for up to one year until the doctors finally got it right. I myself had typhus with only slight symptoms and no high fever. Luckily, after noticing a bite in the shape of a bullseye, my doctor had me tested for Lyme disease which turned out negative, but bacteria in my blood indicated typhus.