Liver Problem and Allergies

Posted by Anthony (Los Angeles)

Hi Ted, I've included the email down below as some background. I started your protocol and it indeed seemed to help a great deal, most of the fungus on my body slowly disappeared and with the addition of bicarbonates the lines on my tongue also lessened a great deal and sometimes totally disappeared. As I had so many visible symptoms, I did not mention that the bones on my chins sometimes hurt when my partner would touch them. I assumed it's because I had lost so much weight. In the last few weeks however, my gums started to rapidly recede but no sign of infection (redness or bleeding) and the bones all over my body have begun to crack at the slightest movement. I'm hoping you can suggest something that can halt the deterioration and help me rebuild. I know from scouring your replies that magnesium is needed in great supply ahead of calcium. Should I also be taking phosphorous? It is hard to find things locally that aren't your standard health food store supplements but I will do whatever it takes to rebuild. I have come so far and it's a bit scary to have this happening. By the way, as you seem like one of the few sensible and understandable people out there, do you have treat people in person or over the phone or by email on an ongoing basis for payment or donation to charity or something. I actually run a charity but would be happy to give back in any way that I could as I so appreciate you taking the time with me and everyone else who comes to the site as well. Also, there is a mineralizing protocol on curezone that I'm sure you've heard of: tbl spoon blackstrap molasses, two tbl spoons of calcium hydroxide (lime water), tsp of acv or lemon, one or two tblspoon of kelp powder... does this seems o.k. to you. I have my reservations with the blackstrap molasses because of long term candida issues and leaky gut. I tried it and it seems quite strong. What are your thoughts on calcium hydroxide mixed with magnesium citrate? Also, I read something about magnesium chloride being more affective, is this the case? Are there mineral chlorides in sea salt? Any suggestions to repair this mineral depletion would be great appreciated. I did a great deal of cleansing (13 liver cleanses with olive oil grape fruit mixture), had my amalgams removed and did edta, recently did edta suppositories and was not remineralizing - also, I have had hard times digesting my food on and off because of sluggish liver after cleanses. Often had floating stool but not currently. My stool is well formed but is not dark, more orangeish... I hope this helps some. Thanks so much