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Steroids and Osteoporosis

Posted by Venus on 03/09/2008

Hello Ted, Thanks for your advice. I got Selenium, ordered Vit K2, and increased doses of Magnesium and Vitamin D. My other question is what precaution I should take to prevent osteoprosis since I take steroids. I take 1 cup of soy milk daily. My doctors have told me a medication but I want to go for something natural or a vitamin. Does vitamin D help in preventing osteoprosis? Thank you,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The selenium, vitamin, Magnesium and vitamin D3 protects against autoimmunity issues. Osteoporosis is a long term condition where the certain forms of staph and mycoplasma like bacteria eats at the calcium of the bones along with long term acidosis. The issue is to alkalize sufficiently so that acid blood won't leach out the calcium from the bones and goes into the tissues, which happens all the time when people get older. The neurodegeneration is what actually controls the body's pH and this can actually be proven at your own home. If i were to be exposed to any hydrocarbons, accidentally take aspartame products, which sadly is not even labeled in many products that I have to spend money and waste time calling up factories to see if they did add it. The aspartame causes neurodegenerative disorder within one dose. If I try to take diet coke or coke zero which has aspartame, my urine would immediately go from pH 7 to 4 or 5, which is extremely acid and this doesn't happen at all if I took regular coke. When this sets in the body becomes metabolic acidosis and it leaches out the bones. It happens the same way if the person was exposed to paint thinner, methanol,' formaldehyde which may even be found in newer cars, which are high in these and other chemicals which destroys the neurodegeneration. It may occur in certain fragrances and perfumes, most found in certain soaps and detergents which influences neural conduction too. The simple way is just to take some vitamin C, vitamin B complex, to restore neurodegenerative disorder caused by these toxic substances and avoid them to prevent bone leeching effect from blood acidosis. This is similar to Greek statues from acid rain. So even a slight acid, given a human lifespan of 70 years, you can imagine the extent to which a bone must been through, and these Greek statues are no replaced with fiberglass to prevent them from further destruction on the faces of statues in ancient monument, where most damage only occurs in the last 40 or 50 years, due to industrialization and smog which creates them. So the bone is the same thing, 90% of the food we eat is actually acid forming, whether they be coffee, tea, chocolate, cake, candies, chicken, meats, cokes, the list goes on and on. Some "authorities" argue that that tomatoes has higher methanol than coke. This is disinformation since the methanol (which causes metabolic acidosis such as aspartame) is strongly bound to pectin and its toxic effect is muted, while a free methanol is what does the damage. It doesn't require a multibillion dollar research studies to prove aspartame is dangerous. One wife was in jailed because her husband took creatinine (which allows water retention) and aspartame Gatorade which caused his death. In fact I heard of a sadistic dog killer years ago to kill them just by giving the dog diet coke and plenty of common table salt and something else I don't remember. The common table salt causes water retention which can be used to prevent the body from eliminating the breakdown of aspartame products, where the primary poisons becomes methanol and finally formaldehyde. Therefore some strict attention is needed as this causes autoimmune disorders and are hidden in many prepared food due to its classification as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and therefore doesn't need to be labeled as such if it is considered a "flavoring agent" and therefore not required by law to put in the ingredients. These can make autoimmunity, cancer, metabolic acidosis which can last days, and it is these acidosis issue that causes bone leeching effect on calcium. The only thing that I know as a fact to cause calcium to bind to the bones are the body's amino acid proline, possibly lysine, vitamin C, and silicon supplements where Asians eat them as rice (mostly unwashed), or oatmeal or horsetails.

Therefore, avoiding acid forming foods, alkalizing with baking soda, proline, lysine, vitamin C, silicon in our foods, avoiding aspartame, vitamin K2, vitamin D3, and boron from borax are powerful supplements against osteoposis. Vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 helps the bone, but interestingly, many polyol sugars (xylitol and, mannitol mannose), and soy milk also protect against osteoporosis. It works biochemically different, if I were to discuss how each would work, but i will take a shot anyway:

1. baking soda alkalizes prevents acid blood and bone leeching of aclcium.

2. vitamin C, lysine and proline creates amino acid mesh fibers which holds the calcium on the bone. Anything that promotes collagen, even collagen supplements will allow formation of proteins to bound to calcium. It's the protein that gives the bones its resiliency.

3. Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, but also iodine increases the body's immunity which prevents certain mycoplasma (found in many vaccines) that tend to fluorish one ones and slowly eat up the calcium, much like the fungus that grows on cement wall.

4. Polyol sugars, at least the ones I have experimented, are the mannose, mannitol, and xylitol that prevents the bacterium, mycoplasma from attaching to the cell walls of the bone cells. It acts like a glue remover where these pathogens attaches firmly on the bone cells. If they are held loose with, the immediately or quickly dies off. It needs to attach to healthy cells to live. Virus seems to work similarly too by attaching to cell walls, if it is on thyroid or thymus, then i get immune suppression or autoimmunity.

5. Borax is a boron supplement commonly used, but interestingly these boron have antifungal properties where these properties over long term use kills off the fungus which eats away slowly in the bones too.

6. Magnesium prevents growth of certain bacteria which eats away at the joints and ligaments, that causes the fusing of two bones. These are staph like bacteria and taking magnesium is important.

It must be remembered that my everyday remedy to treating osteoporosis is always borax, magnesium, xylitol and baking soda. Those are the single most important remedy that I used most of the time. A mannose and mannitol are optional. It's hard to answer every issue on osteoposis, but the ones I mentioned at least the borax, magnesium, xylitol and baking soda are the most important. The next one that I think is important after the osteoporosis, but most important in autoimmunity and bones too is always the vitamin K2 (found in soy products such as Natto) and vitamin D3. It also increase muscle mass so therefore the use of vitamin D3 and K2, would prevent muscular atrophy caused by taking of too much steroids.

Finally my recent experiments I have found the use of vibration therapy, where the frequency is between 20 to 50, the best frequency I tested is 25- 50. The daily use of a LOW AMPLITUDE vibrator in the area of the bones causes the bone formation to be aligned in a very structural way. This is why cat's hardly have bone problems, they purr. I have used as massage device, set on very low amplitude and found it very helpful towards osteoporosis. In fact in a discovery channel the chicken farmers make the chicken walk on a vibrating wood planks which are more or less between 20 - 50 Hz. Most commercial devices and vibrator don't get the idea that these vibrating machines, not the chiropractic bone adjustment is what actually helps the bone to heal and increase in strenght. To improve bone problems along the spinal column an extremely low amplitude, to the extent there is hardly any percussion or vibrating and assumes a more sound frequency could in fact helps the bones along the spinal column, but by bone osteoporosis, but at the same time loosens the muscles which causes bone growth problems within hours of doing that. But some practitioners I found missed the point and forget that deep massage, sound and vibration are all part of the same therapy which must be used, not exclusively, but together. I am currently exploring magnetic frequencies (using a strobe electrical source) at a rate of 25-40 as a much more faster way of healing the bone also.

Hopefully I answered some of the questions on osteoporosis. These remedies I mentioned works quite well since I have tested this for several years and constantly make improvements. The use of bone replacement using titanium alloys and other metals is not a permanent one. The ones if it is osteoporosis can prevent titanium from further lodging itself on the bones. So a metal replacement is never a permanent cure, unless of course, our entire skeletal sysem is replaced with titanium alloys. But this creates another serious problem - the more bone we throw away in place of metal, the less stem cells we have to fix our own bodies. So I think transhumanism (much like Star Trek The Borgs) isn't any time soon. It's the supplements supporting our body's daily needs...the old nose to the grinder should help osteoporosis the most. In fact the remedy I used against osteoporosis, I never really need the use of any steroids for that condition since these mentioned here are effectively dealt with.

Replied by Deborah
Whittier, CA

I have osteoporosis according to my oral surgeon. I am going to have a bone scan. I had 6 upper dental implants 2 have failed. My surgeon is well known and highly regarded .I say this because I am not blaming him! I am having a temporary thing with the teeth put on the remaining 4 implants. My surgeon wants me to use the temporary prosthesis to chew and chew and hopefully strengthen and build bone in order to have the 2 implants ( the last ones in the right and left) put back.

I am extremely worried. $40,000 and over a year of bone grafts, a sinus lift and just lots of pain in the process and what now? My prosthodontist seemed unsure that he could put the permanent one on 4 implants. You wrote of a treatment using borax, xylitol, etc would you kindly tell me in what proportions and how often? Whole Body Vibration sounds very interesting and weight bearing exercises are helpful I know. I would be grateful for any feedback you might have. Regards Deborah