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Body Acne and Skin Infection in the Hair Follicles

Posted by Anonymous on 12/30/2005

I have read lots about face acne but what about body acne and skin infections such as an infection in the hair folicles. I've had this problem for ten years and still looking for a cure. Every time I wax my legs they get irritated and when the hair comes out my pores are so clogged that not all the hairs come out and I itch like crazy because of this. Please any tips?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The fats in your body seemed to be oxidizing at a far greater speed than the body can get rid of. The best way I thin is to slow down the body's oil oxidation by taking lots of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and perhaps vitamin D from cod liver oil. Taking granulated powdered lecithin regularly seems to balance out the body's oil as lecithin is a fat emulsifier.

The other issue might be hormonal so taking licorice extract now and then will be helpful to reduce adrenal exhaustion.

Taking raw cabbage will help reduce excess estrogens in the body if the fatty build up of the pores is due to that.

For me, fulvic acid taken regularly seems to reduce a bad case of body acne quite well too.

Everybody's biochemical make up is different. It is a matter of understanding the cause.