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White Bumps on Shoulders After Acne Treatment

Posted by D (Anonymous) on 01/01/2012

Dear Ted, I hope this email finds you well. It's odd for me to share this problem that I have but I believe I tried anything I can think of so I guess it can't hurt sharing it:

When I was young I suffered from acne on my face which also started spreading to my back. After many different ointments and topical remedies that two dermatologist gave me, I went to see a different dermatologist which gave me some sort of pill that took the acne away (sorry for not remembering the name, I just remember my lips were cracking-dry). At the end of the acne "aftermath" my face, which was the most prone to acne has no tracing of acne however, my back has white raised bumps on the shoulders.

I went to numerous dermatologists and even cosmetic-plastic doctors and each says something different about it; they relate it to acne (without even telling them my history) some say it's hypotrophic scars some say they are keloids. I did micro-dermabration, glycolic acid and I also tried skin needeling and even started fraxel but stopped because I don't have this kind of money to do the treatment (the Dr. says he'll do a small part for small amount of money, I had to try).

The obvious question that everyone kept asking me is "why didn't you ask help when you were young?" the truth is that I did, those two doctors mentioned above and above all the acne on my back was never that severe. I had only occasional pimples. It seems that they showed after but not sure the true cause of it, I can't even say that it's acne related... I admit that it doesn't hurt but does interfere with my daily life especially mentally, I am not depressed and many said that it's nothing but the fact is that it bother me and I want to feel better with myself and this is why I am trying to "fix" it, the actual fact that I'm trying already makes me feel good, plus I have nothing to lose.

Thank you in advance for any input!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Well, it appears as if it doesn't get out of the skin surface. SSKI works best if somehow that acne surfaces, but it is worth the try to apply that to the area at least 5 times a day. Bromelain and lipase are some remedies that have proven to be useful but after a month, in removal from early acne such as this. I used a 10% bromelain powder and taken at 1/2 teaspoon in one glass of water 3 times a day. The one thing you have to be careful is sugar, carbohydrates, and vegetable oils found in cakes, cookies, french fries, for example. One incident such as eating ice cream (large amounts) or chocolates could end up for the rest of the month with acne.

Dermabrasion often makes the acne worse, as you no longer have the outer skin for protection. Zinc acetate can be applied topically and taken internally 1/16 teaspoon every other day not exceeding a month may help the infections, so is Threonine at 1/2 teaspoon 3 times a day, will help also getting rid of toxins from the skin and lysine will help protection of outer skin in getting any infections if the skin is rather thin.

The most important is getting bowel movements at least 3 times a day. This alone can create in a few cases dramatic reductions in newer acne. Taking at least gymnema sylvestre, 400 mg x 2 day will help the immune system and the fatty acid build up to reduce resulting in less acne.